Cozmo’s Blog: Knoxville Recap

the last few days i’ve possessed a feeling of chill that’s so chill, that i can’t do anything else but chill…the chill that follows something victorious…this feeling stems from our recent back to back hometown rock shows…nothing excites us more than playing our hometown, so we decided to do a two night rock and roll binge in our wondrous ecosystem, knoxville, tn…we haven’t played the motherland in a while, so we greatly anticipated our return…the pressure was heavy on us to put together a rockin weekend for our knoxville family, so we bounced around a lot of questions/ideas for each show…what covers should we learn?? how should we construct our encores each night?? who should we ask to open for us?? what about special guests?? what should we wear?? we wanted the party to be just right, so we started hashing through ideas to create a weekend of great jubilation…

i woke up friday morning feeling easy…i got up and took a walkabout around the neighborhood to calm my already calm brain…the weather was beautiful and i ran into a couple of deer, who are now my friends…one i named reginald veljohnson and the other is named carl winslow…unfortunately, i didn’t have any good leaves or carrots on me to give to them so i had to continue on my journey…i finished my walk and it was time to meet up with the rest of the guvs…we arrived at the venue to be surprised by an amazing light rig that was set up by michael brammer of SES…immediately, we started getting excited…we were back home and it felt buttery…we had an incredible horn section (chuck mulligan, tyler “the gold” bullion, and kyle bothof) for one of our musical surprises…we ran through the tunes and it sounded magnificent, the ground was fertile…in addition to the horn section we also had chris doody and mitch stewart join us for some perfectly seasoned bee gee vee’s (background vocals)…chris and mitch, who are former members of the guvs, played a huge role in propelling us to where we are today…it was a special moment to have them with us, and we are grateful they are on this earth…as game time approached, our focus sharpened on what we came to do that evening…we walked down to watch elenowen play a flawless set…the crowd, as well as us, loved their music and they’re all super chill…we hope to collaborate with them at some point in the future…the guvs seemed calm, granted we had a super intense cram session the two days preceding the show…the lights went down, and we walked out on stage…the crowd made a joyful noise and we began our set…songs were tight, vocals were potent, and the rippers were rippin…everyone knows that we’re huge fans of “the band” so we decided to work up some fresh encore covers to capture the essence of one of our favorite concerts, “the last waltz.” we played “it makes no difference” by the band, which ended with dual guitar rippers over the foundation of a beefy horn section, that climbed to the apex of a sonic mountain of righteousness…following that was “caravan” by van morrison (of course we did the last waltz version)…james administered 9 ninja kicks and a knee slide on the back half of the song when the horn hits came in…ol kev sang a couple of verses that sounded like rod “the bod” stewart himself was up in there, onesie leotard and all…it was so hype…we were connected with the audience from the first note…freedom and fellowship were present and near in that blessed space…it was really difficult to fall asleep that night so i ended up watching napoleon dynamite from start to finish


the morning sun rays came busting through my window telling me that i needed to eat some brunch because i’m kinda brunchy these days…i can’t help it, sometimes your body just evolves and there’s nothing you can do about it…my body has evolved into a machine that crushes brunches all across the nation…it was me, an ol dayve, and a bettianne that embarked towards the bistro, land of poachers, gravies, tatoes, and big meaties…i wanted to get as full as possible because i knew i had a big day ahead of me…after i crushed, i came back home to figure out my outfit for the evening…the outfit came together quickly so i decided to check my chi levels…they were reading at 100%…i arrived for soundcheck number two and our musical guests were already there tuning up…we decided to do something we have never done before, bring in a string section…the string section was headed up by my boy “neon” gideon klein who composed all the arrangements and recruited all the jedi’s…the strings included (gideon klein and matt nelson on cello, douglas temples on viola, carlos hdz, yu-ting huang, caroline farmer, and lora doherty on the violins)…vocalists tomi robb (free agent) and tyler anthony (cereus bright) were also in attendance to push the set to the next level…the soundcheck was unreal, it was like we had 30 people up there with us…we rehearsed the tunes a couple of times with the strings to get everything dialed in…it was over the top…knoxville band, william wild, opened for us that night…again, another amazing group that we had the pleasure to collaborate with…their soundcheck was great and their set was even greater…super cool dudes, im hoping we cross paths again soonly…the time had come once again and we felt good…we kicked off night two smooth and creamy…halfway through the set, tyler anthony came out and sang (alongside james) a stripped down version of song for my beloved…their voices sounded like angels with wings of solid gold…the full band took the stage once again to bring the energy back up…a few songs later, we brought out tomi robb who hit some high notes that would shatter all the windows in your sun room and maybe make you wet your pants…the crowd was feelin it in their bones…we finished the regular set on a high note leaving the crowd chanting for the encore…it was time to unveil the ultimate surprise…the strings took the stage and opened up the encore with an emotionally absorbing version of canyons…they added many flavorful layers to our cake of sadness (canyons is a sad song)…from there, we took a creative turn and played an arrangement by radiohead called “karma police”…the song climbed to an explosive ending full of total rock and roll carnage…i believe that this was our first time ever attempting a radiohead song and it felt liberating…on the last note of karma police, the string section droned for a few seconds and then it began…cruel intentions, ut football jumbotron video montage in the early 2000’s, seattle seahawks still use it for their entrance music, the one and only, bittersweet symphony…the strings played it perfectly and peoples heads were exploding from excitement…me, kev, james, justin, tyler, and jenks were all lined up laterally across the front of the stage just rockin our faces off of our skulls…this was our best hometown weekend yet and we are extremely thankful for everyone of you that made it happen for us…please, help spread the word about the guvs, cuz we’re not plannin on slowin down anytime soon…

make the dangle easy,


Spring 2014: Check In from Ol Cozmo

the 2014 spring equinox has been mighty kind to us dirties as we embarked on a crusade to promote our new album “hearts on fire”…we released this album back in march, the 11th to be exact, and we’re really proud of the way it turned out…its a solid, dynamic album with some high guvs, low guvs, happy guvs, sad guvs, fast guvs and slow guvs…wanting to share it with the rest of the world, we mounted up on our mule and set out like eagles of freedom…soaring through the night sky…looking for fat worms to feed their crying young…

we decided it would be a grand idea to start off in the southeast because we love it so much …little did we know, this was gonna be the best tour yet…the cities included in the spring tour of happiness were charlotte, chapel hill, charleston, chattanooga, birmingham, louisville, nashville, atlanta, auburn, knoxville, athens, and wofford college…each of our markets had grown exponentially including sold out shows in birmingham, atlanta, nashville, and athens…in addition to the bigger crowds, our fans were also familiar with our new music…this made us excited, so sometimes we would chug some brewskis and eat mountains of doritos after the shows because we like to party…

in order to make our show fresh and awesome, we decided to dress differently and add lights to our production…the wardrobe change was a great idea cuz normally we just look like a bunch of dudes that like to eat frozen yogurt all day…we aimed for consistency with our new look so the decision was made to go with black suits…so far we have had a great response and we never have to worry about what to wear at the next show…it also makes it easier to pack, leaving more room in your bag for cheez its and capri suns…next, we brought on dave “the wave” schultz of special event services to direct our lighting for the tour…the wave is awesome and full of passion about what he does…we would like to thank SES for providing us with “the wave” and some amazing lights to help enhance the visual experience of our rock and roll…Lastly, we asked an incredible band, cereus bright, to come out on the road with us…every one of them is super cool and extremely talented, and they’re from knoxville so the chill was so chill…as the tour progressed our friendships with the brights grew stronger…they have a really cool sound, great songs, and they’re very easy to work with so that was a strong chi booster for the tour…for the last song of the encore, they would join us on stage for a friendly sing along version of “i shall be released”…it was so rockin by the end, that people were pouring beers on their heads and making out with strangers because they couldn’t handle it…

of course, with every tour there are some highlights and shenanigans involved, so im just gonna touch on a few here…i’ll try to keep it short so you all don’t get mad and call me a big ol douche…

Charlotte: beers on their heads, beers down their pants…awesome rowdy crowd, great energy…one guy tried to jump on stage at the beginning of new salvation, then fell right off…not sure what he was trying to accomplish but we love his fire and passion anyway…maybe he was gonna give a toast to the nations, but we’ll never know…til next time young man…i wish you great prosperity

Chapel Hill: another great crowd and an amazing venue…our friends from high point never let us down…great to be in chapel hill again…much love

Charleston: loved this show as well cuz we started syncing up on the new material in a live setting…the comfort level started to rise…packed house and an amazing crowd…there was a few dudes in the front that kept yelling “show me your penis” to the cereus brighters but i think they were just doctors so it’s cool…

Chattanooga: always love playing track 29 in the “noog”…best crowd we’ve ever played to there…saw a lot of new faces that seemed to like what was going on…thank you all so much for supporting us and letting us play in your beautiful town…

Birmingham: sold out!!! by far the best show that we have played in that city…rowdy crowds complete with fist pumps and sing alongs…tasty times were had in the ham

Louisville: we had a great day…we were invited to play their live lunch series at 91.9 wfpk to a packed house…they had fresh krispy kremers sittin out in the lobby and i ate like 7 of em…then, that evening we played at headliners for the biggest crowd we’ve ever played to there…it was a full and bountiful day for us

Nashville: sold out biiiig baaaabay!!! this was a special show for me cuz all my best friends were there for the vestallion’s bachelor-ette party…the vibes were pure, the night was beautiful, and the crowd was feelin it…the evening was ripe for us…

Atlanta: sold out again and again!!! our best atlanta show hands down…the sixthman crew was strong up in it…shoutout to the pizzle, christina maria, mize tavern, and brad broadrick for making an appearance…nothin like old friends

Auburn: we opened for alan jackson so that was awesome…got to hang and listen to an amazing set executed by our good friends from the drake white band…there was a rodeo going on about 50 yards away…motthew scurphy (scott murphy) broke his knee bone in route to catch a football…that sucked really bad, but he did catch the ball so touchdown…in your face

Knoxville: opened for fitz and the tantrums at thompson boling arena for volapalooza…they killed it…also, got to see amazing performances from crab apple lane and the delta saints…apples, saints, and tantrums…doesn’t get any better than that folks…horn of plenty

Athens: sold out the georgia theatre, our home away from home…the crowd was wondrous…the venue and all of the humans that work there are heavenly…one day i would like to live in the georgia theatre…just for like a year…

Wofford College: first time at the woff…we were asked to play their spring concert and very glad that we were able to take part in that event…beautiful campus, great stage, rockin crowd…we hope to be invited back sometime soon…earlier that day, miguel le jenkerstein (michael jenkins) and josten hogskins (justin hoskins) got in an argument about which one of them was more american…it escalated to the point where we had to settle the score…the only true way to determine how american you are is to take the actual u.s. citizenship test…we looked it up on googler dot com and administered the test in an actual classroom on the campus…hogskins made a 100%, le jenkerstein made an 85% …the test didn’t stop there though, there was a second phase…the artistic interpretation…in this phase, each participant was required to hand draw a map of the united states of america, to scale, with all the borders…hogskin’s map was pretty close to the real thing…u could look at it and tell that it was a map of the united states…le jenkerstein’s map, not so much…it looked like he taped the pen to his left elbow and drew it with his eyes closed…the finished product kinda looked like a pile of vomit…maybe he was going for the abstract vibe…

anyway, the spring tour was the best tour we’ve played in this life…we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your continue’d support and believing in our music…

he’s cruisin’

so ol’cozmo’s been hibernatin’ from the blog scene and i recently got called back up to the big leagues to deliver some truth…for those of you that pay attention to our whereabouts and wanderings, you would know that we’ve been recording new music, cruisin’ high seas, crushin’ burgs with double cheese, and rockin’ peoples’ ear bones…the boys are back in town, boys will be boys, who let the dogs out…

this is the third cruise that we’ve done in our career and it was amazing…the cruises that we perform on are put together by a company called sixthman and we love them…they are some of the coolest people we’ve ever met and they have really helped us gain a plethora of fans…the cruise was hosted by the band “train” and had many great acts on board so you better believe ol’cozmo cut a rug or two with that south knoxville butterfoot technique and that greasy granny shuffle bug…

the mule provided us with a smooth trip down to atlanta last thursday eve so we could catch our early flight to miami…after a day of walking through metal detectors and taking stuff out of our pockets then putting that stuff back in our pockets, purchasing average bagels, and drinking a sierra mist, we finally arrived to the port…the weather was perfect and we were ready to assemble the chill…

our bellies were grumbling and all i could think about was pepperoni zaaaa with the fiery passion of a thousand suns…we boarded the ship and immediately went to the cafeteria where i constructed a food mountain, then i destroyed it…u can’t eat like me…we talked and laughed for the duration of our meal like old friends do, then went and checked into our rooms…i took a nap for a minute and woke up to ol’james, the preying hyfantis, and mcjenkerstein as they were waving some skee bob (whiskey) and ginger ales in my face…we took a walk around the cruiser to see what we were dealing with, and it was good…

that night, we kicked it off with some high energy rockers to fuel the crowd for what was to come…it was loud and delicious…there was a great turnout for our set so that helped us rock even harder…we also showcased some new tunage that got a really great response, so that was an added bonus…after our first set, we knew that the vibes were there and that set the tone for a memorable adventure…to wrap up the night, we went to the charlie hunter show to get our minds blown and to make us feel like we suck as musicians…he’s a jedi

the next show (on the next day) was pretty amazing as well because we were on the big boy outdoor stage…we looked like jc penney magazine models as the wind blew through our hairs…it was purely majestic…people were boozin’ hard and huffin’ cigs all through the crowd while we were applying rock n’ roll rippers on their facial skins…fistpumps were thrown to the heavens as the sun shone down upon us…’twas fantastico…we stuck around after the show to check out ben rector’s set…it was awesome….great voice, great songs, great stage presence, great haircuts…he’s also one of the nicest dudes we’ve ever met…from there, we took a break for some calories and to rejuvenate for the michael franti show…franti is the king of the positive vibration…we were all looking forward to his set because we knew it would be full of “boooom baps!!!, raaaastafariiiiis!!!!, bom bom boms!!!, and blooooood clots!!!! i was late getting back down cuz i took a 45 minute therapeutic shower so i had to kick it solo for a while…franti was killin it on the pool deck stage so i decided to purchase me a foo foo frulatta…i was in such a good mood that i said “yiooooo, i bet you won’t gimme an umbrella in my drink big baaaabay” then my boy alejandro gave me two of ‘em…i did the reggae bounce for about 25 minutes by myself…i was throwin knucks (fistbumps) and high fives to all my neighbors while i did the solo weeble wobble in my 6 foot radius requirements…boozy fandango i was…finally, i linked up with the rest of the crew towards the end of the show, and we had all worked up quite the appetite…we ate a family dinner together full of meats and pies then some of us went to check out the brett dennen set…another great show to top off a full day of activities…

we ported in the grand caymans the next day to do some beachin’, bronzin’, boozin’ and floatin’…we laid around all day drinkin cold coolees and peein in the ocean…ol’cozmo’s said it before and he’ll say it again, the water in the grand caymans is so blue that it looks like mountain blast powerade, and if thats not refreshing to you then you’re just a butt-head and you can eat a whole can of worms…jenkers, hypanties, and i took a long walk down the beach to check out some sea urchins and such while the rest of the crew held down our spot…then some of them partook in some beach volleyball that was nothing short of olympic tier athleticism…precision setting and thunderous spikes ensued kinda like the beach volleyball scene in the 1986 hit movie top gun..

after our amazing day on the beach, we boarded the ship because we had to help host trivia that night…top chef competitor and culinary warrior ryan scott was hosting along side us guv’nahs…a new friendship developed as hijinx and hilarity spun out of control during our co-hosting extravaganza…he even invited us to do some timeless acoustic yams during his mixology class the next day…he made all sorts of stuff, muddy blerries, creamsickle creamies, and then just straight up poured tequila in people’s mouth holes…it was an incredible workshop and he is excellent at what he does…he also has a set of perfect teeth…we look forward to growing our friendship with ryan in the near future…immediately after mixology, we headed over to check out matt pinfield interviewing john oates because we love oates…oates is amazing…cover me in oates all day every day…it’s great for the skin, especially if you have chicken pox…later that evening, we built us some bacon/burger/dogs from the endless supply of big meaties that they have on deck at all times…we needed fuel for the train show that was about to start on the outdoor stage…they delivered all the hits and closed out with “dream on” by aerosmith where pat hit them high boys at the end…it gave me the stanky leg foshoooo…killer voice and super tight band…from there we rolled over to the ben rector set where he called up james to sing alongside him on one of his hit jams…james went up on stage, grabbed the tambo, and killed it…again, we can’t thank you enough ben rector…

time passed, many snacks were gobbled, i watched the hunger games for the first time, and it was time to give our last performance which happened to be the last show on the cruise…we asked jamie mclean (brett dennen’s guitarist) to sit in and play some rippers with us and he agreed…the show was a 10 out of 10 on the energy scale…the crowd was hype and it was packed…chef ryan scott sent us a bucket of brewsers on stage and we started to rock…it was a sweaty, thrashing around stage kinda vibe so it was a great note to end on…we really appreciate all the people that came out to our sets…it was a great cruise and we met a lot of great people…we are very excited about this year and about the release of our new music…thanx for all your love and support…hyaw naw, shimmy shamm, don’t put your hand anywhere you wouldn’t put your face…


Festin’ With The Guvs

a coupla weeks ago james turned to me and said, “hey ol coz, im ready to do some festin’”. “festin’”-playing music at festivals, drinkin beer and red bull at festivals, eatin 2 to 4 heaping plates per meal of free organic food at festivals, watchin bands at festivals, wearin sleeveless button up shirts at festivals. i said, “you’ve done it again ol james, another one of your bright ideas”. we jumped off the summer festin’ season hittin up wakarusa then bonnaroo. we were very excited to be a part of these two festivals. in addition to the guvs crew we had badland pictures (the murph and dearmanian) with us to grab footage from our trips. it was exciting times for us as we set out on the journey of ages.

the wakarusa festival is located on this mountain in the ozarks. the ozarks are very far away… from everything. to remedy the situation of a long drive we stopped at gus’s fried chicken in memphis for some chicken and 40’s. it was aaron’s birthday too, i think he just turned 14. i bought him some gummy worms and the first season of rugrats on dvd. next year he’ll get his learner’s permit, im so excited!!!! gus’s is the best fried chicken any of us have ever eaten. it’s the crispiest and the juiciest of all time. they give u beans and cole slaw with the fried pickles and ranch sauces for your dipping pleasures. we feasted like kings until none of us could really move that well, then dearmanian drove like the wind and took us to little rock where we slept for the night.

the next day we continued our trek to the mountain. we finally arrived and it looked really awesome up there. it was the last day of the festival, but people were still goin strong. we put the mule in its temporary resting spot beside our stage and threw some football for a while to work out the kinks. justin chugged a bottle of pepto and disappeared for a while. it was time for lunch and i was hungry so i ate three plates of vegetarian lasagna and a couple of salads. i drank a classical coke and ate a few cookies too. we hung around in the artist tent for a while where we had air conditioning and brews. martin guitars gave us a sponsorship and they had a booth set up in the artist area so we got to meet some of they’re reps and get some free t-shirts and acoustical guitars. thank you martin for hooking us up. there was also this dude running around there dressed up like peter pan.

we finished up lunch and headed over to the mule to start dealing with our gear. on the way over we were informed that 60mph winds and a hail storm was on it’s way and was scheduled to hit right before we went on. awesome. after hearin the news we took cover in the mule. i kind of wanted to get struck by lightning because i thought it would be a cool facebook update but they wouldn’t let me stand outside. the storm passed over and the mule kept us safe. once the storm was over the fans banded together for a celebration and we played a rock show for them. we jammed the good jams into the night while a girl on the side of the stage, that was dressed like an indian, danced and blew bubbles out into the crowd. twas a rockin set.

the next day we headed back towards knox and had to stop in for some 87 gasoline and some chips. we pulled into this exxon off the interstate that had a really weird vibe about it. little did we know it was gonna be the worst gas station stop we’ve ever experienced. all of us were delirious and in goofy moods when we got there. we all walked into the gas station like a bunch of punk kids out of an eighties skateboarding movie. the gas station attendant was givin us the hairy eyeball. the line was long for the bathroom so james decided to go in the women’s. the attendant got mad and she didn’t speak english so she yelled some gibberish at us. while all this was goin on, jenkins decided it would be cool to juggle some orange gatorade bottles and fumbled one of them. the bottle crashed on the floor and spilled everywhere. personally i think it was just a design flaw on the bottle so i blame gatorade but she blamed us. she yelled some more gibberish and started mopping up the floor. in the meantime, doody found an undersized red cowboy hat in the “cowboy hat” section of the gas station with a chinstrap. he perched it on the back of his head and strutted through the aisles of the gas station. he kinda looked like a dude version of little debbie and i could picture him on the side of a box of swiss cake rolls. i was laughing uncontrollably as i purchased my big grab of funyuns. after completely dominating the gas station we all piled in the mule and it was my turn to drive. i pulled off and heard this loud pop. i seem to have forgotten to pull the gas pump out of the mule so i ripped the hose right off and it was dragging behind us like a tail. at this time the lady ran out and her face was so red because of anger. she started yelling at me and i couldn’t understand her so all i said was yeeeaaaa the whole time.

the following weekend we did the magnificent bonnaroo music festival. we were scheduled for three shows and one of them was on the main tent to open the entire festival. we arrived on the scene and the excitement started to settle in. immediately we did a performance on radio bonnaroo that went really awesome. thank you radio bonnaroo for letting us play on your station. after we finished up there we had a few interviews then went and ate some lunch. i made a salad mountain and a five inch wide sandwich to eat. i also drank a throwback dewski cuz they’re made with real sugar. the food and drinks were unlimited so i loved it so much. we went to our stage and did the soundcheck to a pretty big crowd. the crowd was hungry for music and i could definitely feel it. after soundcheck we went back to the green room to discuss the setlist and get loose for the show. they gave us the 10 minute warning so we walked over behind the stage. we couldn’t see the crowd but you could hear them. it sounded like a ton of people but we didn’t know exactly how many. at about the 5 minute mark the crowd starts clapping in sync with each other and it sounded like an army out of lord of the rings. it was a huge sound. they told us “the time is now” and we walked up on stage. the crowd started yelling and it was the biggest sound i think ive ever heard. there was a huge sea of people packed in shoulder to shoulder that were ready for a rock and roll facial. we delivered hot fire for an hour and it was amazing. jenkins and james wore muscle shirts for the show. we couldn’t believe we just kicked off bonnaroo in front of 5 figures of people that were cheering for us. the other two shows we played were rockin as well with thick crowds of music lovers. we played jams o’plenty for many eardrums that weekend. i also got to watch some awesome music. the avett brothers murdered it and so did radiohead but i really had to pee cuz i was double fistin cheerwine all day. the word and moon taxi tore it up as well. we left on saturday so i didn’t get to catch the rest of the festival. in addition, justin and aaron did an interview with our friend david koechner on his podcast and we ate lunch with the avett brothers. they actually sat about ten tables away from us but i did make eye contact with them sometimes while i ate my lamb meat. thank u ashley capps and the rest of ac entertainment for giving us this opportunity to play and eat all your food. i gained 5 pounds.


Its Just Ol’ Cozmo

the last five months or so have been pretty amazing for us. thanx to support from our fans we raised 37000 dollars to record our rock and roll songs on to a compact disc. We are very excited about these new songs. they are reflecting our progress as a band, as songwriters, and as studio musicians. we split our time recording at sony tree studios and the art house. Sony studios are super nice. there’s this sweet heart lady that runs the front desk that’s been there since the sixties and her name is judy. she was always excited to see us walk in every morning and i enjoyed having conversations with her because she was always happy. they also have endless supplies of grape faygo. i cant drink coffee because it makes me have anxiety eruptions so i just drank tons of faygos so i could be full of the spirit while i cheered on the rhythm section as they recorded their parts. we were rolling through the rhythm tracks a lot quicker than we thought we would so that created some cool momentum. high fives were all around and i got so excited that i spent 42 dollars at a sushi house for lunch. the menus had pictures of the sushi on the back. i had too much sugar and was really hungry so i chose the three most colorful ones. i wont use that method of ordering next time.

once we finished our first phase of recording we had a few days off then went back to nashville to finish up our overdubs. this time we were at “the art house” which is the legendary charlie peacock’s studios. the studio is built on to his house which is a really old church that’s been restored. this place was like a make believe land, it had a very magical feel to it. historic architecture with some good landscaping and a swing in the yard built for huffin cigs in. if i was a person who wrote books, i would live in a house like that.

we’ve been working with a really cool producer/engineer combo. Ross Copperman and Richie Biggs. Ross is an awesome producer to work with and he has very strong ideas. we work solid together creatively and it’s always constructive. he also has really good cologne. seriously, he just makes the room smell like dillard’s. it reminds me of back when i was in middle school before i knew what cologne was. i just thought everybody was coating their chests with deodorant so i did the same. then i started to develop a rash because my chest could not sweat and quickly found out that i was an idiot. Richie is a jedi master engineer as well as a huge inspirational force behind the music. during my overdubs he would come in the tracking room and dance around so i could feel like i was playing live. he pulled a ton of creativity out of us during the rhythm tracking and overdubbing sessions. the songs are sounding solid. thank you to everyone that donated to our cause.

we also did our first run of the year which was about 7 shows over ten days. we are very happy with how it went. atlanta, birmingham, and nashville sold out. houston, austin, dallas, and especially memphis had great showings. it was a lot of fun to play our new songs live because the crowd tries so hard to sing along and they have no idea what the words are. they just kinda leave their mouths open during the song and follow their hearts. in nashville i saw a dude in the crowd that was havin such a good time that he headbutted his own fist. it was pretty weird, but he might have just drank one too many dewskies. there were lots of new faces and it was really cool to see them singing our songs. i had the best fried chicken that ive ever eaten on this trip. it’s a place called gus’s in memphis. we also ate at a benihana japanese steak house. they didn’t have the white sauce so it hurt my feelings. to cheer me up, doody told the waiter that it was justin’s birthday and they sang us this japanese song and gave justin a really cool hat.

we believe its gonna be a really good year this year. its exciting to be releasing these new songs. it’s also exciting because we have a hometown show comin up in about a week and a half. we’re doin two nights at the bijou theatre on friday feb. 24th and sat. feb 25th. the shows are gonna be rockin. we have the black cadillacs opening on one night and the delta saints on the other. dont be a nerd and buy some tickets.

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August Recap by Coz

for the month of august we decided that it would be a good idea to put some miles on our old mule. in order to achieve this task we booked a coupla northeast runs, a southeast run, and a one off hit in oxford. it wasn’t goin to be easy but we had to have it. sometimes in life when things get tough, you can always dump a mountain dew slushee on your head to put things in perspective. the cities that we hit included baltimore, nags head, ocean city, dc, bethlehem, gulf shores, birmingham, and oxford. for the baltimore/nags head trip we got up early to leave the motherland (knoxville) at 5 am. baltimore is far away and we had to be there at 3pm so we had no other options. we allowed ourselves two hours of stop time for gooey snacks and chocolate milks. we boarded the mule to begin the journey.

it was a long drive, but we finally made it. we were playing a big outdoor show put on by 89.7 WTMD. they’ve been spinning our record up there so we really appreciate them bringing us out. we opened for a band called the bridge, who are out of baltimore, and they rock hard so the crowd was out for the show. i think we ended up playing to 5000 people during our set so for our first showing in baltimore it was a success thanx to WTMD. once we were done delivering hot fire, we had to hop back on the mule to head to the head. nag’s head. nag’s head was cool but we were all tired because of our 20 hour day the day before. they gave us a beach house to stay in, which was cool, and they also let us order whatever we wanted on the menu. i said, “justin. order for me the dirtiest of all menu items.” He said, “ok ol’ cozmo.” i came back to filet mcgoodness with crab lumpy lumps on top. we ate, went and chilled at the beach house, then came back to the venue to play the show. the dance floor packed and the patrons were grindin hard. just a grindin to the guv’nahs.

on our next run, we went to ocean city, dc, and bethlehem for musikfest. we love the northeast because we like sittin in traffic and paying tolls for sittin in traffic. first stop was ocean city for another radio promotion show. this time we decided to leave a day early and split our drive into two shifts. we planned to get a hotel somewhere in virginia. on our route we stopped at a sheetz gas station. these are the best gas stations on the planet. you can order custom chili d’s from a touch screen menu. touch the screen, the d’s are delivered. that night, justin and the murph slept in the mule on the futonius. we arrived the next day early afternoon for load in and sound check. once all that was done, we hung out in the green room and tried to get michael jenkins to swim out to this island for 200 bucks. we also tried to get him to sing lead vocals on blue rose but he would do it for no less than 500 bucks and we weren’t prepared to offer that much of a reward. we ruled the island swim out because there was a small chance he could die. we played the show and it went over well with the people of ocean city. we really appreciate Ocean 98.1 for playing our music.

once we finished we immediately had to drive to dc. we were staying in this awesome house provided by james’s cousin’s husband’s parents. justin said that he would take us to this place. we were all exhausted from lack of sleep and alot of mule hours so justin had an interesting tactic to keep his brain alert. justin has a photographic memory. he can remember anything that has to do with taking photographs. anyway, his new tactic was to build his memory to the point where he can name all the presidents in order, forwards and backwards. by the time the late drive was over he became the the master of presidents. he brought us to our destination safely and we were able to enjoy a full day of poolin and chillin before our dc show. james’s cousin and aunt brought over some eggy mccheese squares and bagles with the homemade salsa for breakfast. it was delicious. thank you james’s family for taking care of us.

we played at a place called the red palace which is located in this artsy district. it was a really cool venue with good sound. we ended up selling out the show which was exciting for us, and we gained a whole new fanbase that night. it was my turn to take us out of the city. we took one of the main arteries out and after a mile or so the mule was the only vehicle on the street. suddenly, two intersections up, two cop cars clog up the four way as if they were blocking us. we were being monitored. it turns out that they don’t let mules drive in front of the capital building so they stopped us to see where we were goin. the cop walked up and noticed that we all look like a bunch of opie taylors so he very politely rerouted us to our destination. we woke up the next day and gave ourselves 5 hours to make a 3.5 hour trip to bethlehem pennsylvania. doody decided to take the wheel for this leg. he hasn’t driven in a while, and definitely picked a pretty horrible day to come back out of the bullpen. it was raining pretty steady when we started the trek and the garmin was having an information meltdown . it kept leading us to the this parking lot that was clearly not an entrance ramp. we finally found our entrance by just driving around and randomly stumbling upon it. the rain really started to come down so we all decided to stop for some long sandwiches at quiznos. they were the toastiest of all. i got a chicken guacimus, extra chee baconius, mug root beer, and a 9 count bag of sun chips. we finished up and hit the road. immediately we run into the traffic jam of ages. we slowed down to about 25 mph and maintained that average speed for about 3.5/4 hours. at this point the garmin said we will not arrive until 7pm and that is when our set was suppose to start. we were all on edge and the rain kept coming down. torrential downpours of unmeasurable fury. eventually the traffic cleared up and doody started breakin “mule” land speed records. when doody drives, i feel like i should wear a full body harness and a football helmet. we got closer and closer to the festival and the edge factor was at an all time high. we were on the phone with the stage manager trying to choreograph how we were going to get all of our stuff on stage and set up in record time. in the midst of all this chaos i forgot that i had to tee tee. the stagehands greeted us as we pulled up and started hauling our gear to the stage. we ran up on the stage and got everything set up and checked, then hit our first note by 7:15. pretty solid. two songs in, i had to pee so bad that it was coming out of my eyeballs. i had to position myself in this weird stance where i would occasionally sway to relieve the discomfort. the crowd was dense and ready to rock so that definitely helped my situation. they were hungry for the guv’s and we delivered a full size platter of american rock and roll, then i went to the bathroom. to reward myself, i got two roast beef raps, ½ of a corndog, and ¼ of jenkins’ fries. it started pouring rain on us as we were ordering our food and we all got soaked. we sprinted back to the bus to chill and eat our deep fried snackers. all of our clothes were completely wet and we had about two hours to drive to our hotel. the only way we could make it to our hotel, especially after such a chaotic day, was dewskis and the journey to the center of the earth. we stopped at a gas station to get some dewskis to fuel us for the trip. this was james “mcdewski” trimble’s idea. he got the name “mcdewski” from an incident that happened while he was trying out for medical school. one day, when he was studying, he drank a code red dewski every hour on the hour for 24 hours straight. mcdewski. we started chuggin dewskis and listening to the journey to the center of the earth. it’s a story about these three people going on a journey to a land that resembles fraggle rock. this dude narrates it with the accompaniment of an orchestra full of laser sounds and funky bass. they run into mythical creatures like woozles and hefalump’s on the way. go ahead and do yourself a favor, take the journey. you won’t regret it. then i put on soulive for the last hour and a half. we finally made it to our hotel to get some good rest.

i didn’t pack any non stage clothing for our gulf shores/birmingham run so justin told me that he would buy me a t-shirt. on the way to the gulf we stopped at a gas station and i had forgotten about justin’s offer earlier. when i got back to the mule, he presented me with the most beautiful t shirt in all the land that he bought off the t shirt rack in the gas store. it was clad with eagles and motorcycles taking up all the prime real estate in the torso area. it made me feel free and sassy. both shows rocked hard and we also got to stay in our manager’s beach condo. thank you greg. our friends, ponderosa, played at the gulf shores show as well and they always dominate. we love doin shows with them. oxford was really cool because we had the pleasure of playing with zac brown recording artist levi lowrey. him and his guitar player, danny mcadams, agreed to do some music videos with us. we will put those up soon. they killed their set then we came up and did our thing. thank you to levi, danny, and our fans that drove from all around to see us in oxford. the majority of our crowd there did not live in oxford. kinda weird, but still a cool experience. on the way to our motel, justin ran over a deer. he said that he is sorry.

this week we will be preparing for our first appearance at the tennessee theatre. it will be the most knoxville weekend ever invented. scott miller, guvs, ut football, firecrackers. don’t be weird. buy your tickets.

Cozmo Recaps May

the month of may has been pretty good to the guvs so far. we’ve been on a break for a coupla weeks after our two night easter blowout celebration in knoxville at the bijou theatre. the first week of may, we found out that we got added to two sold out shows opening for train. in addition to that we have some cool runs this month so it started lookin really tasty for us. the two train shows were in jackson mississippi at their convention coliseum and chattanooga at the tivoli theatre. the other runs included the cities of roanoke, va., charlottesville, va., ny, ny., birmingham, al., pensacola fla., and seaside fla. to cap it off we’re gonna assemble a family chill for three days in seaside for some frizzin (tossing a frisbee) and nerfin (tossing a nerf ball of various sizes and shapes) on the beach. we might do some tiki bar chills so we can get a frosty beach hammerhead coolee or two.

we boarded the mule to begin our trek to open for train in jackson. this show was alot different because we didn’t have doody with us who is the “butter man” for our music. spreadin the butter like no other. to remedy the situation we all agreed to ask kevin “skyhi” hyfantis to fill in for doody because this show was important for exposure. skyhi is a very talented singer/songwriter/piano player from the great planet of knoxville, tennessee. skyhi loves flying helicopter missions and rod “the bod” stewart. after workin with doody for a few days skyhi caught on to the songs and we ran a solid rehearsal before we left knoxville to work the kinks out. the set sounded strong.

we finally arrived at the venue and checked it out. this place was of titanic proportions. the biggest indoor show we’ve played so far. before soundcheck we went and ate at hals and mals. james and aaronius split some beans and rice, jenkins got somethin american, like chicken fingers or the all american boy bacon burger, skyhi ate a beer, and me and justin got some grilled cheese samwiches and some bowls of bisque. i used my grilled cheese for a spoon. our dinner was delicious and justin bought me a green flavored gumball for dessert. once time arrived for the soundcheck we loaded our stuff on stage. after setting everything up i turned around to look at the room from the stage viewpoint. it was like staring into the abyss. the room was huge. i started noodlin around on my guitar when shortly after, the “front of the house” sound engineer puts it through the main speakers. big noise son. it was loud like jimi hendrix concerts. they checked everybody else individually and it was the same effect. when we ran a full band check, it gave me chills from how big we sounded. we went backstage to hang after sound check and have some designer cheese cake. justin just ate pickles.

the countdown to the face scorching rock n roll set had begun. we were side stage getting ready and you could hear the audience through the curtains. it sounded big but we weren’t sure how many were out there. we walked on stage and the crowd cheered, it was loud. i looked out and noticed that every seat in the venue was full so that was a big chi booster for us. the set started and we ruthlessly delivered gallons of rock to their faces. skyhi did an awesome job filling in and we greatly appreciate him helping us out. after the show we had a line about thirty yards long outside of our merch booth and only one sharpie. it was the edgiest of merch times, but we were successful in signing everything and keeping up with the money. big thanx to tribe one screen printing for replenishing our inventory from the attack on our merch booth. for all your t shirt needs please contact my best friend ol’ dave at tribe one screen printing (865) 546-4131.

the next day we headed back to knoxville for the full eight hour run. justin and i sat in the front so we were in control of the mule. earlier in the journey, when we were leaving knoxville, jenkins made a bet that justin and i wouldn’t eat any cheese stix the whole trip. we love stix. little did he know, we were plotting to hit up the stix on the way back hoping that he would forget about his bet and we could maneuver a surprise stick-ing right in his faayyyse. i was controlling the garmin san diego in search of the nearest arby’s. there were none of them anywhere. team hoskaway started getting worried that jenks was gonna get the best of us but sure enough one popped up on the garmin. the only problem is that it was on a whole different interstate and everyone in the back had to pee, but that didn’t stop us. we were determined to get to the stix so we drove forty-five minutes out of the way to seal our victory. hoskaway 1; jenkins 0.

the chattanooga show with train was just as awesome. we played at the tivoli theatre and it was another sold out show. we had doody back which was also awesome. it was pretty much a repeat of the previous show as far as the crowd response so you couldn’t contain the awesomness, it was thru the roof. ashley, jess, the murph, and dearman were there so the chill was extra chill. i drank three mountain dew’s on the way home. thank you train.

next we did the roanoke, charlottesville, new york run. we’ve played both roanoke and new york several times but never played charlottesville. we had to be in roanoke early for our in studio radio performance at 101.5 “the music place”. they are awesome, and they have a seven foot tall louisville slugger baseball bat in their lobby. that night we rocked a packed kirk avenue music hall with our friends “mellodime.” check em out. thank you to martin’s for my ragin cajun steak and tater’s. another rockin show for the guv’s.

charlottesville is a cool town. the downtown is made out of bricks and has a cool vibe to it. we hung out at miller’s bar for some brews. that is the bar where dave matthews worked when he lived there and that’s where the dmb band formed. inside the bar they play nothing but nineties hits on the stereo while you sip your brews. the venue we performed at is called the southern. it’s a smaller venue with an underground aggro crag kinda feel to it. we love it. there was a pretty good crowd there that was into our music so it was a good first showing. we can’t wait to get back there to build that market. we ate at a taco place that got my order wrong twice, but i’m cool with it cuz i got to eat two quesadillas, for freeee. dave matthews for life.

if anyone asked me “what is your strongest market outside of your hometown” i would have to say new york city. each time we have played there our crowd has grown exponentially and everyone knows our music. we do have a strong knoxville crew there that has helped spread the word about us, mainly diana warner who spearheaded the campaign. thank you diana. also, the last two times we’ve played there we somehow parked our forty foot bus ten feet away from the front door of the venue. unheard of. parking doesn’t exist in new york so i think it’s a sign we’re suppose to be building there. we moved to a different venue called the mercury lounge which has a ton of history and is an awesome venue. a band called “aunt martha” opened for us, who also opened in charlottesville the night before. i highly recommend yall give em a listen. they brought a big crowd out as well and we were excited to be jamming with them. it came time for us to hit the stage in the big city. you couldn’t move in the venue due to all the people. sold out son. we rocked so hard that there were fist pumps and high fives galore between audience members. even easy “e” hall flew in from san fran to catch the show, while his parents flew in from auburn. (close friends of the band). we shook the bowels of new york with great fury then had some hang time with our fans. amazing night.

if you can tell from some of our blogs, the band pretty much eats at three different restaurants, cracker barrell, chik fil e, and arby’s. we’ll throw some others in there but as far as chains go these restaurants are where our comfort zones lie in. on the way back from new york we stopped at an arby’s somewhere on the route back to knoxville. this was no normal trip to arby’s. this was the birth of the “tizer alliance.” if anyone has ever been to arby’s you will know that they have about forty seven different combos as well as tizer’s o’ plenty. they have stix, pops, bites, seasoned curlies, you name it. tizers for all your friends. the founding members of the tizer alliance are justin “mozzarella mouth” hoskins, christopher “bronco berry” doody, and cozmo “beef and cheddar” holloway. this is how the tizer alliance works; first, you get a combo meal and order an extra tizer, once everyone has their meal you sit at the same table and combine your tizers to make a heavenly smorgasbord for each member to enjoy. we had a volcano like mound of stix, pops, and curls with the sauciest of the sauces. it was devoured with great intensity. we want to add a fourth member which will require a thirty word written essay about your love for tizers and a strict interview process conducted by one of the founding fathers. tizer alliance forever. looking forward to the beach chill in a few days so stay tuned for our updates as we close out the month of may.

this ride keeps getting better and better and we owe it all to our fans. thank you for what you do and always know that we look forward to playing music for you in the days to come.


Woodstock and NYC

this past weekend is the biggest weekend the guv’s have ever had. It was our second trip to new york. we played in the city on thursday then shot up to woodstock to open up for the levon helm band at a midnight ramble session. the wives came along so it was like a family vacation, it was cool. the murph was there too. tony d made us some spinach balls, cookies, and yogurt pretzels for our journey because we like snacks. we piled into the mule to start the first leg to hagerstown maryland. i could feel it was gonna be good weekend because william shatner hooked us up with some hotel rooms and i bought a nesquik double chocolate milk for the road.

some of you may have read my last blog about pulling into new york city while driving a 30 foot long airport shuttle. edgy times. i drove us in last time so james decided to take the pilot seat for this go around while i was the motivational copilot. we decided to implement a different strategy for this trip. instead of worrying about how horrible it was last time to get into the city we spoke blessings over the mule. the blessing was to pull straight in and park right next to the load in doors at the venue. statistically, judging by last time, there was a negative 21% chance of this happening but we believed that it was our time. we have a technological device called a gps that tells you what to do when you have no idea where you re going. sometimes it works well and sometimes it is full of lies. for this trip the gps was on point and according to the instructions we only had one turn to make once we entered the city to get to the venue. it was early afternoon so there was minimal traffic pulling in so it was a smooth arrival. we got in the city easily and sure enough the venue was about 50 yards ahead and the one turn was exactly where we were hoping to park. we made the turn and there was a huge parking space right in front of the load in doors. victorious. all the wives went to some science place called anthropology and we loaded into the venue for sound check.

we were excited to play new york again because last time it was an awesome turnout and we gained a lot of fans. we also had a ton more energy because we didn’t have to deal with driving our gear across the city. sound check felt really good as well so there was an easiness about this night that created a good chill for all of us as a band. we played with the northbound traveling minstrel jug band and the rozatones who are both really cool bands so check em out if you get a chance. it came time for us to come on so we hit the stage to bring the rock to the people of new york. the crowd doubled what was there last time and the wives were in the front row dancin and singin our songs. It was so inspiring to us to have all this support so we gave em a rock and roll sandwich to the faaayse. we love new york city.

the next day we woke up to 12 inches of snow on the ground but the roads were plowed so that didn’t stop us. we stayed a little ways north of the city so we could wake up and get on the road to woodstock for a chill day because the ramble wasn’t until saturday. last year we went to woodstock to record our album “youth is in our blood” at levon helm studios. we were there for two weeks so we decided to stay in bob clearmountain’s vacation home which is located in the byrdcliffe colony. it’s such an awesome house that we decided to stay there this time to maximize the chill. bob clearmountain is an award winning studio engineer who mixed songs as well as complete records for artists such as bruce springsteen, the rolling stones, bryan adams, as well as many others. as we got closer to woodstock we called our producer justin guip because we wanted to stop by to see him. we arrived at levon’s house and it was like we never left. levon was pulling out when we arrived and he was waving at us and giving us his signature “go get em boys” thumbs up. he just got out of the hopital so it was good to see him out and moving around. his dog muddy was in the passenger seat. it was really cool to see everyone, levon, guip, brendan, chris, barbara, walt, the whole team levon staff, it felt like we had only been gone for a few months. they run a very family oriented ship there so we felt really “at home”. one day i’m gonna purchase a vacation home in woodstock and it will be a glorious day. i will have many cookouts with tons of beer and steaks for my friends at my vacation home. we hung out at levon’s for a while and then i heard ashley say taco night. tha cozmo loves tacos. i got really happy and we gave each other a high five. our friend from ascap, robert filhart, was there with us and he offered to shuttle us all to the house so we could leave the mule at levon’s. thank you for being awesome robert. the wives made tacos and guac for us. it was delicious. i ate 2 burritos and three tacos, then later they made cookies for dessert. we built a fire and had family hang time where we sang songs and danced around the living room to celebrate the weekend. the next day we slept in for a little while then went into town to get some food. the first group shuttled in was me, the murph, the hoskins, and the doodys. we went to the oriole 9 cafe. me and the murph got the cuban sandwich which was scrumptious. i also got some bacon on the side with a classical coke that was in the old school eight ounce glass bottle. our lunch was awesome. when we finished we walked around to check out some of the shops in town then we had a rendezvous at the hot chocolate factory. shortly after, we went back to the house to relax til sound check. it was a good day.

it was time for the ramble. we were so excited to open for someone we really look up to as a musician as well as a person. levon is a legend and a huge inspiration to our band and we were pumped to be back to play with him once again. we also heard that jimmy vivino (leader of conan o brien’s basic cable band) randomly showed up to play with the levon helm band so we knew it would be a special night but we weren’t aware of how special. he was in town from l.a. to visit his son and decided to stop by to play the show. it came time for us to go on and we held nothing back. the crowd was so into the music that we got an encore. it felt really good, our set was rockin. we cleared off the stage for the intermission and went downstairs to do a cd signing then came back up for levon’s set. they were amazing, the energy was maxed out and the crowd was feelin it. about mid way through they’re show i looked down at the set list and noticed that the last song was “the weight”. i started thinkin to myself, “man that would be cool if they invited us on stage to play the weight with them.” slowly that thought consumed my brained and about 5 minutes rolled by where i drifted into a dream world and played that scenario out in my head. eventually i snapped back to reality to catch the remainder of the show. i started to have this rumblin feelin in my belly when they finished the last song before the weight. something was gonna happen but i didn’t know what. sure enough larry campbell (grammy award winning producer/arranger, virtuoso of multiple instruments, and front man of the levon helm band) started talking about us on the microphone. he was complimenting our music then he invited us all on stage for the last song. wuuuuuuuuuuuuurd. i couldn’t believe it, it really happened. i walked on stage and larry told me to grab the acoustic guitar that was sitting in the rack. i never play acoustic guitars but it was the only one that was available so i just had to roll with it. so there we were, a red-headed american rock and roll band from knoxville on stage with grammy award winning levon helm band. crazy. we started the song and james sang the first verse and killed it. levon had a full grin on his face the whole time. it was priceless. meanwhile i’m tucked in the back next to jimmy vivino trying not to do anything stupid. i figured i wasn’t going to do much on the song since there was 25 people on stage so i was in chill mode. next thing i know, larry looks at me and tells me to take a solo. i felt like i was gonna poop my diapers. as i mentioned earlier i was playing an acoustic so i felt like i was about to fight a dragon and my only weapon was a carton of eggs and a slingshot. i couldn’t let south knoxville down so i accepted the challenge. it was the longest solo i have ever played on an acoustic guitar in my life and it felt good and buttery. after the show was over we hung around with the band for a while then took off to the house to celebrate our epic night.

the next morning we woke up and the wives made us bacon and eggs. tha cozmo also loves bacon and eggs. before we left woodstock we wanted to stop by and check out “big pink” which is the legendary pink house where bob dylan and the band composed several huge songs, including “the weight”. they would rehearse in the basement. we started our journey to “big pink” following snowy back roads through woodstock. it was a slow trip because it started to get really “hilly” and we didn’t want to get stuck anywhere. finally we approached parnassus road where the house was supposedly located. the map told us to take a right but it looked a little sketchy because the road was really narrow and covered with snow. there was also no houses in sight. a few of us walked down the road to scope out the territory but there was no luck. it was getting late and we had to get back to tennessee so we were about to give up because the roads didn’t look friendly for the ol mule. after pondering for a moment we decided to take a left and drove in a huge circle. we couldn’t find the house on the left side of the street either. once we arrived back to the intersection we had a better angle to turn where the map was telling us to go so we decided to risk it. as soon as we turned onto the narrow, snowy road someone turned in behind us so we were stuck, there was no turning back. the mule was stopped in the middle of the road blocking everything when the people in the car walked up to the driver side of the mule. they knew who we were and why we were turning down into the woods. it turns out they were the people who owned “big pink” and we were right the first time but we didn’t go down far enough. pushing further we pulled up to the house. originally we were just going to take a picture out front and leave but the owners invited us to come inside. they gave us a tour and told us a bunch of cool stories about bob dylan and the band. i wanted to ask them if i could have a glass of kool aid but i figured that might be pushin it. we got to see the basement and everything. just think, we were about to give up, decided to go the opposite route, looped around right back to where we came then got trapped in by the owners. it worked out great because they were forced to talk to us because we were blocking the entire street. it was the greatest weekend in all the land. i also got to hang out with one of levon’s dogs. it’s gonna be a big year for the guv’s, thanx to everyone for your support.


Cruizzin with ZBB

For everyone that has been following our adventures you should know that we just got back from our first cruise tour. The tour was called Sailing Southern Ground and it was thrown by the grammy award winning Zac Brown Band. There were tons of great bands on this lineup and we were honored to be a part of this trip. This was my first cruise experience so i didn’t really know what to expect. It’s kinda like being in a funhouse with wobbly floors and weird patterned carpet. There’s also casinos and a dining room that looks like a space ship. The deck had this pool that pumped water up out of the ocean and it was full of people all the time.

We had three shows on the cruise. Two of them being on the main deck outside on the big stage and one of them late night in the bar. The time had come to play our first show and the day was awesome. It was really breezy so that made our hair blow on stage, and when your hair blows on stage that makes you look like a pro. Everything felt good after sound check so they introduced us and we hit the first note of our rock show. The sound was huge and the breeze kept blowin. Quickly people got into it and we hooked em by the end of the first song. Obviously everyone was there to listen to music so that always helps. There was even this 60 year old dude in the front row, wearing a captains hat, that kept throwing bud lights at Justin. I guess he couldn’t contain himself from the rock that was being administered to his face. That night Micheal Franti and Spearhead played on the big stage. We all attended as well as participated in this show. James, Jenks, Justin, and I went to the top deck where we expressed ourselves through the art of dance while someone was having an epic soap opera “makeout in sync with the music” moment ten feet in front of us. Footage to be released soon. Mission accomplished.

The next day the boat was docking at the grand caymans so our show didn’t start until 7pm. Doody, Jenks, Justin, James, and I got up late but we were able to make it over to the islands for 2 hours or so. Aaron woke up early so he went over first thing. Doody, James, and Jenks took a taxi to the beach while Justin and I walked to this tiki bar for coolee cooladas and icee hammerheads. The water is so blue there that it looks like some kinda arctic blast powerade flavor. I was amazed so I just stared for a little while to clear my head. We finished our slushees and it was time to board the ferry boat to get back for our show. The show was rockin and we gained even more fans. It was so rockin that I almost form tackled Jenks during one of his guitar solos. Doody also lost his sunglasses from head banging. After the show I ate some long shrimps with tasty dip sauce.

The last show was a late show so we knew it would be a rowdy crowd. We played the center bar where everyone on the ship ends up when its all said and done. The show started at ten and thistime we had an hour and a half to play so it was time to bring the heat. We packed the bar out and rocked it to pieces. Members from Zac Brown Band, Micheal Franti and Spearhead, Blackberry Smoke, Shawn Mullins Band, as well as many others were doin some fist pumpin in the crowd. We got tons of exposure from this trip and made many friends with all of the great bands that participated. I am four days back on solid ground and my turntables are still wobbly from all the boat rockin but it’s getting better.

A wise person once said “live every week like it’s shark week”


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Guv’s Eat the Big Apple

So the time had finally arrived for our first northeastern run. Very exciting for us because we have mainly been hitting up the southeast and it’s time to expand our market to other regions. We scheduled a three show run starting in Teaneck NJ, then heading to New York City, and finishing up in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

For those of you that know our traveling situation you are well aware that our van is not equipped for a trip of this magnitude. First of all there is no air conditioning so the heat index on the inside is about 230 degrees fahrenheit from 12pm to 8pm. Also it smells beefy and salty and has poisonous spores growing in the carpet. Sometimes an ant colony likes to chill in the back under the last bench seat and they crawl up your shorts when you least expect it.

To remedy this situation Scott Miller let us use his bus for the trip, thank you Scott. The bus is about 30 feet long and about 10 feet high, has a dvd player, working AC, and velvet like captains chairs that can almost lean parallel to the floor. The chill was righteous and we were ready. We boarded the bus and began our rock and roll journey. The plan was to drive part of the way then crash at a hotel provided by the Murph’s dad, thank you Murph’s dad. The Murph is our camera guy who travels with us to document our many adventures. We were also accompanied by Knoxville’s best actor Matt Dearman, who works alongside Murph in their company Bad Land Pictures. We got a good nights sleep and woke up the next morning to head the rest of the way to New Jersey.

When we got on the bus we all took our seats and Jenks tried to start the engine. It wouldn’t start. Luckily there was a car battery charger in the floor that was at full power so we were able to get it started. We got on the road and drove for a little ways down the road to find a gas station. After filling up we tried to start the engine and again, it wouldn’t start. The gas station was only 20 minutes or so down the road so we figured that wasn’t enough time to recharge the battery. We kicked the battery off again and continued on our way. About four or five hours down the road we need to fill up again so we find a gas station. The battery dies again so our only option now is to use the service station that shares the same building called Tink’s Auto Repair.

Tink wasn’t there because they were relocating down the road about a mile so our only option was to go to the other shop to have him fix our bus. The night started to go down hill. Tink said it was the alternator so he called somebody and said some cuss words over the phone to kick off the two and a half our mechanical fiasco. It turned out that we left the light on in the equipment compartment all night and it drained our battery completely dry so there was never anything wrong with the alternator. After hitting that mud hole we needed redemption so we took it on to New York.

My driving shift had started so it was up to me to get the mammoth sled into the edgiest city on the face of the planet. I felt like I was experiencing a star wars battle scene in a foreign land that had no road signs. For about 20 minutes I think my body went into shock then i snapped out of it and we were on the right track. We arrived at our destination in Long Island where we were staying with our good friends Diana Warner and her brother Rob Warner in their luxurious high rise condos, thank you Diana and Rob. Yeeeaaaa the trip was startin to get buttery. Everything was falling into place and we finally arrived to New York.

The next day we ate some good food and walked around for a bit before we had to be at the venue. I ate a rib burger and finished Diana’s cheesy hashy browns. We also checked out Times Square where I experienced slight sensory overload but it was pretty awesome. Later that night we took the stage at the Canal Room and rocked so hard for the packed out club. Lives were changed, people knew our songs and somehow I spent 50 dollars on 5 beers. I had to drink the beer because they weren’t serving ecto coolers there.

After the show Doody did some freestyle walking, Justin temporarily turned into a mute, and I bought an eighteen inch chicken salad hoagie. The following day we headed to Bethlehem Pennsylvania to play Musikfest. It was awesome, we rocked in front of 5000, sold a ton of cd’s, and played really tight. The trip was glorious and we now own an incredible bus, thanks to Scott Miller, the Hoskins family, and Jim Williams. Strong.