Pink Chair Sessions – Episode 3 – The Black Lillies

Episode three was shot on a really hot afternoon in downtown Knoxville at the Attack Monkey Offices on Gay Street. The Black Lillies are one of our favorite bands around town, and we were honored to collaborate with them. The Knoxville music scene is really thriving these days, and the Lillies are a major part of that. They are an extremely talented group, and touring hard all over the place. Cruz Contreras and Tom Pryor joined James on a version of CCR’s “Lodi”, which sounded great. The Black Lillies put out a new record this year, and are always on the road. You should support them.

Any suggestions for our next guest/song?

Much Love,


Pink Chair Sessions – Episode 2 – Drew Holcomb

This episode was shot in Nashville on July 4th weekend, inside our guest’s house. Drew Holcomb is an old friend of ours from his days in college at UT, who also happens to be a great songwriter and musician. We were in Nashville doing a two night run on the Riverfront, so we gave Drew a call to see if he wanted to do a Pink Chair Session. He loved the idea, so we went over to his house in East Nashville and discussed what song to do. James and Drew quickly settled on “Listen to Her Heart” by Tom Petty. We brought in the chairs, and the two of them knocked it out.

Drew is always on the road with his band, The Neighbors, and will probably be in your neck of the woods soon. They are a great band, and you should definitely check them out-

Pink Chair Sessions – Episode 1 – Scott Miller

Yesterday we introduced a new project called the Pink Chair Sessions. We are pretty excited about this new endeavor and wanted to explain a little bit about it.

These sessions are another collaboration between us and our friends at Badland Pictures. Each episode will feature an informal, stripped down music performance shot in various locations around the country, but always in the same pink chairs. Every session will be unique in location, music, and participants.

Each episode will be hosted by us, but we will often be joined by special guests. These guests will cover all types of music and styles. We come across some amazing talent traveling this country and it is our hope to share some of these musicians with you. Some you may know, others you may be introduced to for the first time.

Each episode will be an authentic representation of the moment captured. Each session will be just one take, one microphone, no mixing, and no editing. Just an honest musical moment.

We want to thank Badland Pictures for all of their hard work and thank all of you for supporting this new project. Stay tuned for new episodes every couple of weeks. If you missed our first episode, featuring guest Scott Miller, check it out here.

We filmed this inaugural episode before our show at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville this past April. It was our 5 year anniversary celebration, so we had alot of guests throughout the weekend of shows. Scott had come down on Friday night to sit in with us, and we decided to go get the pink chairs and do a song before the show started. We had been thinking about this whole “Pink Chair Sessions” idea and this seemed like as good of a time as any to start. Scott was a great sport, and as you can probably tell we were having a good time together. James, Michael, and Scott decided to do “Dead Flowers” by The Stones, and we went under the stage to film the performance.

Scott has been a good friend of our band for a while now. He’s always full of advice, and has been a huge help for us. We even travel around the country in his old bus, The Mule. He’s a great songwriter, and pretty hilarious. He’s one of Knoxville’s finest, and we are always glad to spend time with him. Check his stuff out at