Hearts on Fire is now available to download or purchase! Tears were shed and relationships were stretched during the year of writing and recording it took to make Hearts on Fire, but if we’re honest we’ve been working on it for our entire life. Being in a band and writing songs isn’t just about trial and error with chords and melodies. It’s a place of exploration, for pouring your heart and soul into your work, into your bandmates, and into the honest places that hurt, tear, and break you. In the end, it’s the hard work in those honest places that refines us all and produces the most beautiful results.

Much Love,

James, Justin, Aaron, Kevin, Cozmo, and Michael

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he’s cruisin’

so ol’cozmo’s been hibernatin’ from the blog scene and i recently got called back up to the big leagues to deliver some truth…for those of you that pay attention to our whereabouts and wanderings, you would know that we’ve been recording new music, cruisin’ high seas, crushin’ burgs with double cheese, and rockin’ peoples’ ear bones…the boys are back in town, boys will be boys, who let the dogs out…

this is the third cruise that we’ve done in our career and it was amazing…the cruises that we perform on are put together by a company called sixthman and we love them…they are some of the coolest people we’ve ever met and they have really helped us gain a plethora of fans…the cruise was hosted by the band “train” and had many great acts on board so you better believe ol’cozmo cut a rug or two with that south knoxville butterfoot technique and that greasy granny shuffle bug…

the mule provided us with a smooth trip down to atlanta last thursday eve so we could catch our early flight to miami…after a day of walking through metal detectors and taking stuff out of our pockets then putting that stuff back in our pockets, purchasing average bagels, and drinking a sierra mist, we finally arrived to the port…the weather was perfect and we were ready to assemble the chill…

our bellies were grumbling and all i could think about was pepperoni zaaaa with the fiery passion of a thousand suns…we boarded the ship and immediately went to the cafeteria where i constructed a food mountain, then i destroyed it…u can’t eat like me…we talked and laughed for the duration of our meal like old friends do, then went and checked into our rooms…i took a nap for a minute and woke up to ol’james, the preying hyfantis, and mcjenkerstein as they were waving some skee bob (whiskey) and ginger ales in my face…we took a walk around the cruiser to see what we were dealing with, and it was good…

that night, we kicked it off with some high energy rockers to fuel the crowd for what was to come…it was loud and delicious…there was a great turnout for our set so that helped us rock even harder…we also showcased some new tunage that got a really great response, so that was an added bonus…after our first set, we knew that the vibes were there and that set the tone for a memorable adventure…to wrap up the night, we went to the charlie hunter show to get our minds blown and to make us feel like we suck as musicians…he’s a jedi

the next show (on the next day) was pretty amazing as well because we were on the big boy outdoor stage…we looked like jc penney magazine models as the wind blew through our hairs…it was purely majestic…people were boozin’ hard and huffin’ cigs all through the crowd while we were applying rock n’ roll rippers on their facial skins…fistpumps were thrown to the heavens as the sun shone down upon us…’twas fantastico…we stuck around after the show to check out ben rector’s set…it was awesome….great voice, great songs, great stage presence, great haircuts…he’s also one of the nicest dudes we’ve ever met…from there, we took a break for some calories and to rejuvenate for the michael franti show…franti is the king of the positive vibration…we were all looking forward to his set because we knew it would be full of “boooom baps!!!, raaaastafariiiiis!!!!, bom bom boms!!!, and blooooood clots!!!! i was late getting back down cuz i took a 45 minute therapeutic shower so i had to kick it solo for a while…franti was killin it on the pool deck stage so i decided to purchase me a foo foo frulatta…i was in such a good mood that i said “yiooooo, i bet you won’t gimme an umbrella in my drink big baaaabay” then my boy alejandro gave me two of ‘em…i did the reggae bounce for about 25 minutes by myself…i was throwin knucks (fistbumps) and high fives to all my neighbors while i did the solo weeble wobble in my 6 foot radius requirements…boozy fandango i was…finally, i linked up with the rest of the crew towards the end of the show, and we had all worked up quite the appetite…we ate a family dinner together full of meats and pies then some of us went to check out the brett dennen set…another great show to top off a full day of activities…

we ported in the grand caymans the next day to do some beachin’, bronzin’, boozin’ and floatin’…we laid around all day drinkin cold coolees and peein in the ocean…ol’cozmo’s said it before and he’ll say it again, the water in the grand caymans is so blue that it looks like mountain blast powerade, and if thats not refreshing to you then you’re just a butt-head and you can eat a whole can of worms…jenkers, hypanties, and i took a long walk down the beach to check out some sea urchins and such while the rest of the crew held down our spot…then some of them partook in some beach volleyball that was nothing short of olympic tier athleticism…precision setting and thunderous spikes ensued kinda like the beach volleyball scene in the 1986 hit movie top gun..

after our amazing day on the beach, we boarded the ship because we had to help host trivia that night…top chef competitor and culinary warrior ryan scott was hosting along side us guv’nahs…a new friendship developed as hijinx and hilarity spun out of control during our co-hosting extravaganza…he even invited us to do some timeless acoustic yams during his mixology class the next day…he made all sorts of stuff, muddy blerries, creamsickle creamies, and then just straight up poured tequila in people’s mouth holes…it was an incredible workshop and he is excellent at what he does…he also has a set of perfect teeth…we look forward to growing our friendship with ryan in the near future…immediately after mixology, we headed over to check out matt pinfield interviewing john oates because we love oates…oates is amazing…cover me in oates all day every day…it’s great for the skin, especially if you have chicken pox…later that evening, we built us some bacon/burger/dogs from the endless supply of big meaties that they have on deck at all times…we needed fuel for the train show that was about to start on the outdoor stage…they delivered all the hits and closed out with “dream on” by aerosmith where pat hit them high boys at the end…it gave me the stanky leg foshoooo…killer voice and super tight band…from there we rolled over to the ben rector set where he called up james to sing alongside him on one of his hit jams…james went up on stage, grabbed the tambo, and killed it…again, we can’t thank you enough ben rector…

time passed, many snacks were gobbled, i watched the hunger games for the first time, and it was time to give our last performance which happened to be the last show on the cruise…we asked jamie mclean (brett dennen’s guitarist) to sit in and play some rippers with us and he agreed…the show was a 10 out of 10 on the energy scale…the crowd was hype and it was packed…chef ryan scott sent us a bucket of brewsers on stage and we started to rock…it was a sweaty, thrashing around stage kinda vibe so it was a great note to end on…we really appreciate all the people that came out to our sets…it was a great cruise and we met a lot of great people…we are very excited about this year and about the release of our new music…thanx for all your love and support…hyaw naw, shimmy shamm, don’t put your hand anywhere you wouldn’t put your face…



Sometimes you think that a song is finished, but in reality it’s still a long way’s off. Such is the case of Lovin…. which might be more appropriately named “Lovin 3.0”.

This song started as an acoustic riff that Jenkins had been playing for a while and we thought that it was going to have that “Beast of Burden” / Rolling Stones vibe to it. Originally the chorus to this song was the sexually charged:

“Your sweetness really turns me on,
making me the weakest man you’ve ever known”

and the outro to the song was the repeating phrase:

“I’ll make a living out of lovin you.”

We started working up some demos and we realized that this song had a lot of potential but that honestly it wasn’t really hitting any of us as hard as we had hoped.

A few months later a friend of ours suggested that we move the “Your sweetness really turns me on…” chorus part to the front as the intro and to move the “I’ll make a living out of lovin you” part from the Outro to the chorus… so we did.

Confused yet? So were we… the song just wasn’t done.

Well, the good news is that sometime last summer we were throwing some wiffle balls around the backyard when Jenkins said to me, “What if something bad happens in the story at the end of this song? Or there’s some kind of confrontation between the couple that is having this sweet romance story?”

Thus…. the turning point. We dropped our wiffle ball and plastic yellow bat and ran back inside to chase down the inspiration. Luckily, we found it… I ran into the vocal booth and we recorded the melody and most of the words that filled out the outro to Lovin. It was an absolutely fantastic afternoon.

Truthfully, completing a song is really all about capturing a moment. It’s about cutting to the bone of a situation that you’re in, and letting the honesty bleed out. If I knew how to do it on cue at any time then I would, but I think the only answer for a songwriter is to be ever open to the creative muse and the opportunity of a song.


KICKSTARTER UPDATE: Help us record this song!

Thank you SO MUCH for helping us with this KickStarter campaign! Because of you we have already raised 66% of our KickStarter goal! If you haven’t yet decided to give to the campaign, or if you would like to upgrade your KickStarter package then we would genuinely appreciate it. Our DESIRE is to share this new music with the entire world and we need your help to make it happen. Please, please, please spread the word!

This is a new song we’ve been working on called “Ever Start to Wonder.” It’s an acoustic arrangement, but the recorded version would be full band. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Justin, Aaron, James, Michael, Cozmo, and Kevin

Free Christmas Download!

The holiday season is all about giving, so we’d like to give you a free download to get you into the Christmas spirit! Above is a link to our cover of The Band’s 1977 song “Christmas Must Be Tonight”; click the download button on the bottom to download the MP3. We’ll always associate this time of year with our time spent at Levon Helm’s home in December 2009. It was such an honor to work with a musical hero of ours, and we’ll never forget Levon’s generosity and encouragement. In honor of the late Mr. Helm, we recorded this song last winter with our good friend Josh Oliver on the harmony vocals. Hope you enjoy!


Baby We Were Young Music Video!

Check out our new music video for the single “Baby We Were Young” off the album Youth Is In Our Blood.

We asked our fans to help shape this music video. You sent in the ideas, and we did them. Enjoy!

Directed by Scott Murphy
Produced by badland pictures

Special Thanks to:
Hayley Williams & Jeremy Davis of Paramore
David Koechner
Wayne Chism
Bristol Motor Speedway
Russell Biven, Abby Ham, Mike Witcher, and the whole WBIR news team
Skydive East Tennessee
Lindsey Gardner
James “The Captain” Rolader
Carson Hunt
Addyson Morton

and of course, to all of our fans. We couldn’t do this without you.

Let us know what you think!