We are very excited to share with you the first single off our upcoming album! Check out our brand new music video and be sure to grab your free download!




KICKSTARTER UPDATE: Help us record this song!

Thank you SO MUCH for helping us with this KickStarter campaign! Because of you we have already raised 66% of our KickStarter goal! If you haven’t yet decided to give to the campaign, or if you would like to upgrade your KickStarter package then we would genuinely appreciate it. Our DESIRE is to share this new music with the entire world and we need your help to make it happen. Please, please, please spread the word!

This is a new song we’ve been working on called “Ever Start to Wonder.” It’s an acoustic arrangement, but the recorded version would be full band. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Justin, Aaron, James, Michael, Cozmo, and Kevin


It’s time for a new album. We’re partnering with you to make it happen!

We’re very excited to announce that we will be releasing a brand new album in early 2014! Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that it will be released through Summertown Records, our own label that we are starting together with YOU!

That’s right, we are working together with our fans to create our own record label! This will allow us to have 100% creative control and give you the most authentic music possible. We’ve just launched a project campaign on Kickstarter that will last through the end of the month, and we’d love for you to check it out. We’re offering creative rewards of great value for your participation. Find something you like and get on board with the launch of Summertown Records and our brand new album!

We’re an independent band completely reliant on our incredible fans. You all allow us to make music for a living and we can never thank you enough. Please help us spread the word about this campaign! #helptheguvs

The Cabin Sessions

For those of you who have been following us, you know that we have been recording the last few weeks. We’ve been holed up in a beautiful cabin in Townsend, Tennessee enjoying the changing seasons and working on a lot of new songs.

Things have been going great. It’s good for the mind and the soul to be away from everything for a while, and waking up every day to our view of the Smoky Mountains was the perfect way to start each morning. Townsend calls itself “The Peaceful Side of the Smokies” and that description could not be more dead on. We’ve really enjoyed our time frequenting some of the local restaurants and meeting some of the good Townsend people the last few weeks. Special thanks to the Phillips 66 Gas Station down the road that features a deli. I am pretty sure that we have eaten a minimum 100 sandwiches from there. (For those of you who have a negative opinion of how good a deli in a gas station can be, open your mind. They’ve got a steamer and they make the food with love. It’s all you need.)

The songs are really progressing. Jenkins has been at the helm for these sessions and he is all over it. I am pretty sure he is a machine at this point. We always are making fun of him for being really “tech-y” and “the scientist” of the group, but his tech-ness is really paying off for us these days. We are so happy with him, we will probably even give him a little break from making fun of him. Like a day or two. Jenkins, I would like to personally apologize for dressing as you for Halloween last year and conducting science experiments. Continuing his domination of the recording process, Michael has again written some great stuff, and Aaron and Chris have contributed cool songs as well. James has been working hard on lyrics and everything is sounding wonderful. It’s an eclectic mix of music, and we are really happy with how it’s going. I am pretty sure we all have different favorite songs right now, so that’s a pretty cool feeling. Everyone has really been on their game with their playing, and I think you guys will be impressed with this new material. It’s great to see these songs develop when we each add our individual touches. It’s mainly been just us up there, but Cozmo’s dad, the great Rusty Holloway, was nice enough to join us for a little while and help us out with some of the music. He is a beast and we were honored to have him join us on some of the stuff.

It’s been great to have some close friends and family joining us off and on up there as well. The wives, a few good friends, and our loyal film crew at badland pictures have done a great job of keeping us company. We also were joined by alot of our business team from Nashville last week. The family atmosphere is exactly what we were seeking and it has made things really laid back. Cozmo, known for his love of all things that involve chilling, has given this recording time his full endorsement. And that’s saying a whole lot. On a side note, one morning we woke up and Coz’s car was surrounded by cows and they were all just licking away. If you ever want to laugh to yourself, just mentally envision Coz going outside to try to convince these cows to quit licking his car. “Duuuuude, quit licccckkkkkiiiiinnnnggg……come on COOOOOWWW”. If that doesn’t brighten your day, I don’t know what will.

We’re gonna try some of the new tunes out at the two night run at the Bijou next week, and we are excited for you to hear them. We are really looking forward to those shows and think it will be a special weekend. There’s still tickets available, so you should be sure to get them soon.

We’re off to Asheville tomorrow to play with one of our heroes, Taj Mahal. We’ll be in your neck of the woods real soon. Thanks for keeping up with us. Your support is everything.