This isn’t a love song, but it is a song about hope.

If you’re like me, then you probably make a ton of mistakes. You do things that you wish you didn’t do, and in your lowest moments you promise yourself that you won’t do them again. The bad news about these demons and these vices is that they never stop. Most of us won’t admit to our struggles and so instead we just keep ourselves really, really busy and we avoid any conversation that has actual substance or value to it. We fill up our brains with social media, alcohol, gossip, sarcasm, competition. We’re weak. I’m weak.

Somehow amidst all of this obvious weakness, we believe that we have the strength and mental stamina to mute the noises and voices that run around in our head. We don’t. These noises can’t be stopped on our own. The only hope we have is when we share these struggles with other people.

This song is me admitting to you that I can’t do it by myself any longer. It’s the drum that I’ll beat until the day I die.


NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: The Country / Recovery

[audio: | titles= The Country] [audio: | titles= Recovery]

This is the LAST New Music Tuesday before the national release date (Tuesday, July 20th) of Youth Is In Our Blood…. sadness. I know. But never fear, the Guv’nahs machine is rolling along at full steam. Have you already gotten your copy of the new album?

We SOLD OUT of the Limited Edition copies last week, but a new shipment came in and we have lowered the price to $12… which includes shipping and handling. The last two songs to talk about on the CD are The Country and Recovery. Recovery was written by Aaron Hoskins, Guv’nahs drummer fandango, so he’ll be chiming in about that tune.


Recovery was the last song we completed before going to Woodstock.  Its about going through a difficult point in your life, and feeling like you’re not yourself.  When you feel lost, its tough to find a way out.  Ultimately, we aren’t bound to the past, and we do control our future.  Things are hard for all of us, but if we’re smart, we don’t go through them alone.  This song is about the importance of community, faith, and family to get through the rough parts.  Alone we aren’t much.  Together we’re loud.



The Country. I’ll keep this short and sweet. Sometimes people love each other but they just don’t live at the same speed, and it’ll never work out. Fact: Not all relationships last forever. This one ended on the side of the road at a rest stop between Nashville and Birmingham. Big thanks to Jill Andrews for singing harmony on the last half of this track. If you haven’t heard her yet then you might need to take 5 minutes and download everything she has right now.

In closing, let me say your emails and facebook messages of encouragement have been PIVOTAL in encouraging us to move forward with this band. We are having the time of our lives, but the honest truth is that it is really tough to work all week and then be on the road Thursday – Sunday playing shows all of the Southeast and Northeast. Hearing from you guys really means more than you can understand… so thanks.

I want yall to know from the bottom of our hearts, that following your dreams is absolutely worth it. Even if you fall on your face. You learn a lot about yourself and about the world when you put all of your skin in the game. We believe that music still matters, and we won’t give up until we see this trashcan dream come true.

Over the next 6 weeks, we’re playing shows in 8 different states. See you there!


NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: Seeds On The Rise/ Song For My Beloved

[audio: | titles= Seeds On The Rise] [audio: | titles= Song For My Beloved] Happy New Music Tuesday! This week both Chris and James will be talking a little about the new songs. If you didn’t check out the music video for “We’ll Be The Light” yet, make sure you do here!
I wrote “Seeds on the Rise” one afternoon in the Fall of 2009 while I was visiting my family’s farm in Townsend, TN. This song is about the struggle of loss. Loss takes on a dual meaning in “Seeds”, and the listener is exposed to lyrics that address the loss of a relationship, as well as the struggle of losing faith. The loss of anything in my life usually forces me to deal with the issue of control, and this is where I started with “Seeds”. In my experience, we are all told from a very early age (over and over again) that our destiny lies in our ability to control it. We must take control of our relationships, take control of our financial security, take control of our direction, lest we lose that control and thus lose our ability to dictate our lives. This, of course, is a myth, and we’re reminded of that truth when we see our control disappear. Lives change, relationships, jobs, etc. all come to an end for reasons outside of our control, and we’re left silently asking ourselves the same question – what is the meaning of this? If we recognize the truth that we can’t control everything we desire to, is there something or somebody who does? Or is all of this just a random sequence of events that transpire without any real meaning or purpose? Are we like the seeds that float over a farm’s field in East Tennessee, thrown to a directionless wind to land wherever it blows us? Or is there something else outside of our control that cares about what happens here? Is there someone or something that guides us to places without catering to whether or not we can recognize or understand where we’re going? These are the questions I wanted to ask when I wrote “Seeds”. If we’re honest, I think we can agree that an unhealthy pursuit of control leads to bitter loneliness. If I spend too much time buying into the idea that “it’s all up to me”, I eventually find myself feeling like “It’s only me.” Life becomes very lonely and brief. But as I wrote the lyrics to “Seeds”, I was reminded of another truth – there is hope. The songs ends with this realization – there is hope for everyone plagued by the guilt of not mastering this illusion we’ve created called control. Our hope in part lies in the love that we have for one another, and more importantly, the love that exists for us by the “someone or something” that does care about what’s going on here.

I hope you enjoy it.


“Song for My Beloved” was written during one of the most tiring weeks of my life. It’s a story of one lover radically pursuing the other and reminding the other that it is impossible for her to run away from his love. Without explaining too much, I’ll just say that it was written a couple days after Thanksgiving 2009 and I had been reading Henri Nouwen’s “Life of the Beloved” while relaxing for a couple days at my parent’s home in middle Tennessee. I was really inspired by Nouwen’s musings about “resting in knowing that you are loved and then living out of that restful place.” This is one of those songs that just felt like a complete gift… like something that I didn’t create and didn’t have much control over. On November 29th I was dog tired, so I laid down to take a short nap… when I woke up from taking the nap, these are the words and the melody that came out.