Paste Magazine Premieres Lyric Video for Where We Stand

We’ve got another new song for you! “Where We Stand” is the opening track off of Hearts On Fire, due March 11th.

Big thanks to Paste Magazine for the premiere, and to Loch & Key Productions ( for creating the lyric video!


Charlotte & Johnson City

Most people might not enjoy traveling several hours cramped in an old van. Or sleeping in sometimes less than ideal situations. Definitely not loading up trailers in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures.  But for whatever reason, it doesn’t really bother us that much.  Why?  Because we are truly getting to live out our dreams, and the parts that may appear to be the hardest have become strangely not that bad, even enjoyable.
It makes it a whole lot easier when you have really special moments when you are out on the road.  Those are the times that reaffirm how great this whole thing is and how blessed we are to be able to travel around the country playing our music for people.  No matter how little sleep you have had or how much your voice is gone, you know that you are right where you are supposed to be.

These past four days were full of these kind of moments:

1) Saturday night about 1:00 AM I looked out in to the crowd in Johnson City and saw hundreds of people just losing their minds. Around the stage I watched each member of our band totally in the moment of euphoria: Michael was back to back with Cozmo, both of them completely destroying solos simultaneously.  Chris was standing up banging on his keys, screaming into his microphone.  Aaron was shattering drumsticks left and right. James was, well, acting like a complete madman, thrashing around the stage like a tornado.  The building was literally shaking.

2) Before our show in Charlotte on Friday night I had the chance to talk with Seth Avett from The Avett Brothers for a while.  We are fans of The Avett Brothers not only because of their music but because of the way they go about things.  They didn’t start a band to get famous or try to be rock stars, they did it because they wanted to make great music with great people.  Their foundation is so solid, and they deserve every bit of success they are now getting.  Being around people that are as genuine as Seth Avett is very inspiring and something that we won’t forget.  Even though those guys are playing sold out shows around the country (and now world) they are just hanging out in their hometown being the normal, polite guys that they are.  Seth left with one of our CDs and we look forward to seeing him again one day.

3) Also in Charlotte, we had an incredible time staying with our new friends Chuck and Stacey Hicks and their children.  Their hospitality was amazing and we can’t thank them enough.  When you are on the road, you don’t always get great lodging experiences.  When you have people open their doors to you and take care of you as well as the Hicks did, it is a very special thing.  We are glad to add them to our extended “band family”, and look forward to seeing them, as well as all the other great people out their who open their homes to us, very soon.

4) Lastly, it is always a pleasure to share the stage with other great acts.  A special thanks to the guys in Possum Jenkins for supporting us in Charlotte.  Nice guys and good music-check them out.  Also to our new friends The Delta Saints, who tore up the stage before us in Johnson City.  It was a lot of fun having those guys sit it with us and they are definitely a group to look out for.

Our encounters with people like the ones mentioned are the reason this is so much fun.  Whether its a great venue owner chatting with you about their dreams and visions, getting dominated in Wii by kids half your age, talking music with other artists, or getting to speak with people who have traveled several hours just to come to your show (and tape it), these are the things that keep us going.  We are so honored to play music for all of our fans and will continue to give it everything we have.

New tour dates will be announced soon, so keep checking for updates.

Also, be sure to check out our Video Interview with Paste Magazine… it’s on their homepage right now: