This isn’t a love song, but it is a song about hope.

If you’re like me, then you probably make a ton of mistakes. You do things that you wish you didn’t do, and in your lowest moments you promise yourself that you won’t do them again. The bad news about these demons and these vices is that they never stop. Most of us won’t admit to our struggles and so instead we just keep ourselves really, really busy and we avoid any conversation that has actual substance or value to it. We fill up our brains with social media, alcohol, gossip, sarcasm, competition. We’re weak. I’m weak.

Somehow amidst all of this obvious weakness, we believe that we have the strength and mental stamina to mute the noises and voices that run around in our head. We don’t. These noises can’t be stopped on our own. The only hope we have is when we share these struggles with other people.

This song is me admitting to you that I can’t do it by myself any longer. It’s the drum that I’ll beat until the day I die.



Sometimes you think that a song is finished, but in reality it’s still a long way’s off. Such is the case of Lovin…. which might be more appropriately named “Lovin 3.0”.

This song started as an acoustic riff that Jenkins had been playing for a while and we thought that it was going to have that “Beast of Burden” / Rolling Stones vibe to it. Originally the chorus to this song was the sexually charged:

“Your sweetness really turns me on,
making me the weakest man you’ve ever known”

and the outro to the song was the repeating phrase:

“I’ll make a living out of lovin you.”

We started working up some demos and we realized that this song had a lot of potential but that honestly it wasn’t really hitting any of us as hard as we had hoped.

A few months later a friend of ours suggested that we move the “Your sweetness really turns me on…” chorus part to the front as the intro and to move the “I’ll make a living out of lovin you” part from the Outro to the chorus… so we did.

Confused yet? So were we… the song just wasn’t done.

Well, the good news is that sometime last summer we were throwing some wiffle balls around the backyard when Jenkins said to me, “What if something bad happens in the story at the end of this song? Or there’s some kind of confrontation between the couple that is having this sweet romance story?”

Thus…. the turning point. We dropped our wiffle ball and plastic yellow bat and ran back inside to chase down the inspiration. Luckily, we found it… I ran into the vocal booth and we recorded the melody and most of the words that filled out the outro to Lovin. It was an absolutely fantastic afternoon.

Truthfully, completing a song is really all about capturing a moment. It’s about cutting to the bone of a situation that you’re in, and letting the honesty bleed out. If I knew how to do it on cue at any time then I would, but I think the only answer for a songwriter is to be ever open to the creative muse and the opportunity of a song.


Free Christmas Download!

The holiday season is all about giving, so we’d like to give you a free download to get you into the Christmas spirit! Above is a link to our cover of The Band’s 1977 song “Christmas Must Be Tonight”; click the download button on the bottom to download the MP3. We’ll always associate this time of year with our time spent at Levon Helm’s home in December 2009. It was such an honor to work with a musical hero of ours, and we’ll never forget Levon’s generosity and encouragement. In honor of the late Mr. Helm, we recorded this song last winter with our good friend Josh Oliver on the harmony vocals. Hope you enjoy!


“Honey You” Featured on Criminal Minds!

We are pleased to announce that “Honey You” was featured on last nights episode of Criminal Minds! You can check out the episode on HERE. A huge thanks to our fans for supporting us so these types of things can happen!

[audio: | titles=Honey You]


Much Love,


Festin’ With The Guvs

a coupla weeks ago james turned to me and said, “hey ol coz, im ready to do some festin’”. “festin’”-playing music at festivals, drinkin beer and red bull at festivals, eatin 2 to 4 heaping plates per meal of free organic food at festivals, watchin bands at festivals, wearin sleeveless button up shirts at festivals. i said, “you’ve done it again ol james, another one of your bright ideas”. we jumped off the summer festin’ season hittin up wakarusa then bonnaroo. we were very excited to be a part of these two festivals. in addition to the guvs crew we had badland pictures (the murph and dearmanian) with us to grab footage from our trips. it was exciting times for us as we set out on the journey of ages.

the wakarusa festival is located on this mountain in the ozarks. the ozarks are very far away… from everything. to remedy the situation of a long drive we stopped at gus’s fried chicken in memphis for some chicken and 40’s. it was aaron’s birthday too, i think he just turned 14. i bought him some gummy worms and the first season of rugrats on dvd. next year he’ll get his learner’s permit, im so excited!!!! gus’s is the best fried chicken any of us have ever eaten. it’s the crispiest and the juiciest of all time. they give u beans and cole slaw with the fried pickles and ranch sauces for your dipping pleasures. we feasted like kings until none of us could really move that well, then dearmanian drove like the wind and took us to little rock where we slept for the night.

the next day we continued our trek to the mountain. we finally arrived and it looked really awesome up there. it was the last day of the festival, but people were still goin strong. we put the mule in its temporary resting spot beside our stage and threw some football for a while to work out the kinks. justin chugged a bottle of pepto and disappeared for a while. it was time for lunch and i was hungry so i ate three plates of vegetarian lasagna and a couple of salads. i drank a classical coke and ate a few cookies too. we hung around in the artist tent for a while where we had air conditioning and brews. martin guitars gave us a sponsorship and they had a booth set up in the artist area so we got to meet some of they’re reps and get some free t-shirts and acoustical guitars. thank you martin for hooking us up. there was also this dude running around there dressed up like peter pan.

we finished up lunch and headed over to the mule to start dealing with our gear. on the way over we were informed that 60mph winds and a hail storm was on it’s way and was scheduled to hit right before we went on. awesome. after hearin the news we took cover in the mule. i kind of wanted to get struck by lightning because i thought it would be a cool facebook update but they wouldn’t let me stand outside. the storm passed over and the mule kept us safe. once the storm was over the fans banded together for a celebration and we played a rock show for them. we jammed the good jams into the night while a girl on the side of the stage, that was dressed like an indian, danced and blew bubbles out into the crowd. twas a rockin set.

the next day we headed back towards knox and had to stop in for some 87 gasoline and some chips. we pulled into this exxon off the interstate that had a really weird vibe about it. little did we know it was gonna be the worst gas station stop we’ve ever experienced. all of us were delirious and in goofy moods when we got there. we all walked into the gas station like a bunch of punk kids out of an eighties skateboarding movie. the gas station attendant was givin us the hairy eyeball. the line was long for the bathroom so james decided to go in the women’s. the attendant got mad and she didn’t speak english so she yelled some gibberish at us. while all this was goin on, jenkins decided it would be cool to juggle some orange gatorade bottles and fumbled one of them. the bottle crashed on the floor and spilled everywhere. personally i think it was just a design flaw on the bottle so i blame gatorade but she blamed us. she yelled some more gibberish and started mopping up the floor. in the meantime, doody found an undersized red cowboy hat in the “cowboy hat” section of the gas station with a chinstrap. he perched it on the back of his head and strutted through the aisles of the gas station. he kinda looked like a dude version of little debbie and i could picture him on the side of a box of swiss cake rolls. i was laughing uncontrollably as i purchased my big grab of funyuns. after completely dominating the gas station we all piled in the mule and it was my turn to drive. i pulled off and heard this loud pop. i seem to have forgotten to pull the gas pump out of the mule so i ripped the hose right off and it was dragging behind us like a tail. at this time the lady ran out and her face was so red because of anger. she started yelling at me and i couldn’t understand her so all i said was yeeeaaaa the whole time.

the following weekend we did the magnificent bonnaroo music festival. we were scheduled for three shows and one of them was on the main tent to open the entire festival. we arrived on the scene and the excitement started to settle in. immediately we did a performance on radio bonnaroo that went really awesome. thank you radio bonnaroo for letting us play on your station. after we finished up there we had a few interviews then went and ate some lunch. i made a salad mountain and a five inch wide sandwich to eat. i also drank a throwback dewski cuz they’re made with real sugar. the food and drinks were unlimited so i loved it so much. we went to our stage and did the soundcheck to a pretty big crowd. the crowd was hungry for music and i could definitely feel it. after soundcheck we went back to the green room to discuss the setlist and get loose for the show. they gave us the 10 minute warning so we walked over behind the stage. we couldn’t see the crowd but you could hear them. it sounded like a ton of people but we didn’t know exactly how many. at about the 5 minute mark the crowd starts clapping in sync with each other and it sounded like an army out of lord of the rings. it was a huge sound. they told us “the time is now” and we walked up on stage. the crowd started yelling and it was the biggest sound i think ive ever heard. there was a huge sea of people packed in shoulder to shoulder that were ready for a rock and roll facial. we delivered hot fire for an hour and it was amazing. jenkins and james wore muscle shirts for the show. we couldn’t believe we just kicked off bonnaroo in front of 5 figures of people that were cheering for us. the other two shows we played were rockin as well with thick crowds of music lovers. we played jams o’plenty for many eardrums that weekend. i also got to watch some awesome music. the avett brothers murdered it and so did radiohead but i really had to pee cuz i was double fistin cheerwine all day. the word and moon taxi tore it up as well. we left on saturday so i didn’t get to catch the rest of the festival. in addition, justin and aaron did an interview with our friend david koechner on his podcast and we ate lunch with the avett brothers. they actually sat about ten tables away from us but i did make eye contact with them sometimes while i ate my lamb meat. thank u ashley capps and the rest of ac entertainment for giving us this opportunity to play and eat all your food. i gained 5 pounds.


Its Just Ol’ Cozmo

the last five months or so have been pretty amazing for us. thanx to support from our fans we raised 37000 dollars to record our rock and roll songs on to a compact disc. We are very excited about these new songs. they are reflecting our progress as a band, as songwriters, and as studio musicians. we split our time recording at sony tree studios and the art house. Sony studios are super nice. there’s this sweet heart lady that runs the front desk that’s been there since the sixties and her name is judy. she was always excited to see us walk in every morning and i enjoyed having conversations with her because she was always happy. they also have endless supplies of grape faygo. i cant drink coffee because it makes me have anxiety eruptions so i just drank tons of faygos so i could be full of the spirit while i cheered on the rhythm section as they recorded their parts. we were rolling through the rhythm tracks a lot quicker than we thought we would so that created some cool momentum. high fives were all around and i got so excited that i spent 42 dollars at a sushi house for lunch. the menus had pictures of the sushi on the back. i had too much sugar and was really hungry so i chose the three most colorful ones. i wont use that method of ordering next time.

once we finished our first phase of recording we had a few days off then went back to nashville to finish up our overdubs. this time we were at “the art house” which is the legendary charlie peacock’s studios. the studio is built on to his house which is a really old church that’s been restored. this place was like a make believe land, it had a very magical feel to it. historic architecture with some good landscaping and a swing in the yard built for huffin cigs in. if i was a person who wrote books, i would live in a house like that.

we’ve been working with a really cool producer/engineer combo. Ross Copperman and Richie Biggs. Ross is an awesome producer to work with and he has very strong ideas. we work solid together creatively and it’s always constructive. he also has really good cologne. seriously, he just makes the room smell like dillard’s. it reminds me of back when i was in middle school before i knew what cologne was. i just thought everybody was coating their chests with deodorant so i did the same. then i started to develop a rash because my chest could not sweat and quickly found out that i was an idiot. Richie is a jedi master engineer as well as a huge inspirational force behind the music. during my overdubs he would come in the tracking room and dance around so i could feel like i was playing live. he pulled a ton of creativity out of us during the rhythm tracking and overdubbing sessions. the songs are sounding solid. thank you to everyone that donated to our cause.

we also did our first run of the year which was about 7 shows over ten days. we are very happy with how it went. atlanta, birmingham, and nashville sold out. houston, austin, dallas, and especially memphis had great showings. it was a lot of fun to play our new songs live because the crowd tries so hard to sing along and they have no idea what the words are. they just kinda leave their mouths open during the song and follow their hearts. in nashville i saw a dude in the crowd that was havin such a good time that he headbutted his own fist. it was pretty weird, but he might have just drank one too many dewskies. there were lots of new faces and it was really cool to see them singing our songs. i had the best fried chicken that ive ever eaten on this trip. it’s a place called gus’s in memphis. we also ate at a benihana japanese steak house. they didn’t have the white sauce so it hurt my feelings. to cheer me up, doody told the waiter that it was justin’s birthday and they sang us this japanese song and gave justin a really cool hat.

we believe its gonna be a really good year this year. its exciting to be releasing these new songs. it’s also exciting because we have a hometown show comin up in about a week and a half. we’re doin two nights at the bijou theatre on friday feb. 24th and sat. feb 25th. the shows are gonna be rockin. we have the black cadillacs opening on one night and the delta saints on the other. dont be a nerd and buy some tickets.

(you can follow cozmo on twitter at @its_just_ol_coz)