June Recap

Hello everyone. First of all, I’d like to apologize for those hoping for a Cozmo blog this time around. I too am a big Cozmo blog fan, but since he did the last one we didn’t want to make him do two in a row. Unfortunately for you all, you’ll have to read through a pretty boring blog that doesn’t cover ever detail and generally follows the common rules of writing.

The last month or so since we checked in has been pretty crazy. We started this run with shows in Birmingham, AL, Pensacola, FL, and Seaside, FL. All three of these shows were full of great crowds and alot of energy. After the show by the beach in Seaside, we all hung out for a few days to vacation. We were joined by a couple of the wives as well as a great friend of the band Joe “The Fizzle” Morelock. Each day consisted of sitting by the beach, relaxing, and then “Oceing”, a Cozmo-invented phrase that means “to get into the ocean and chill”. At night, we would have competitions to see how much money we could spend on a great dinner. James and Cozmo won the highest dinner price competition at some foodie restaurant, but we all collectively enjoyed our meal at the Red Bar the best. Thanks to all the fine folks along 30A in Florida for taking good care of us.

After our vacation, we took off for Asheville, Savannah, and Norfolk, VA. If you are thinking to yourself that Savannah and Norfolk aren’t that close, you are correct. However, we got added as openers for a show by the Cold War Kids at Forsyth Park in Savannah and we thought that sounded like a great idea. After the Asheville show at The Grey Eagle we took it down to Savannah for our first ever show in that great city. The park was huge and it was a pleasure playing for thousands of fans and sharing the stage with the Cold War Kids. Things were much less fun the next day. We had to get up really early to make the journey to Norfolk, VA because we had to load in around 4. After making most of the drive, we blew out a tire in a small town in northwest North Carolina. Blowing out a tire in any ride is no fun, but in the Mule blowing out a tire is a whole lot worse than that. The Mule is a beast of a vehicle, and the Mule doesn’t take too kindly to normal sized jacks, which is what Gaston, NC has plenty of. Turns out that the good folks in Gaston aren’t used to jacking up an old airport shuttle-looking 30 foot bus driven around by a band. Who knew? We finally were able to get some help, but the damage had been done and we had to cancel our show in Norfolk. Norfolk people, we are truly sorry. If you were planning on coming out, write us an email at band@thedirtyguvnahs.com, leave us your phone number, and we’ll call and deliver you a personal apology.

Since our show was canceled, after getting our tire situation fixed we decided to drive through the night back home to Knoxville. I took the wheel, because I love the mental challenge of a terribly long drive. It makes you a stronger person. Cozmo sat shotgun with me to keep me company. What was unique for this drive, however, was that Chris decided he too wanted to be in the front seat. He set up a camping chair in between the two front seats (which there is not enough room for) and before you knew it we were three deep. We decided to throw our own music festival up there, and listened to nothing but the longest live shows we could find. It really helped pass the time, that, and the third degree burn Doritos. If you have ever had these, you know what we are talking about. If you can tell us about a hotter snack that is commonly found at gas stations around the country, we would love to hear about it. Feel the burn.

Our next shows were two festivals; Riverbend in Chattanooga, TN and Midsummer Music Fest in Atlanta. Riverbend was completely ridiculous. It was one of those shows where you could just feel that it was different. We were overwhelmed with the support of all the people under the bridge, and can’t wait to get back to you. Midsummer Music Fest was great too. We were pumped to be sharing the stage a bunch of bands we love; Robert Randolph, JJ Grey & Mofro, Dr. Dog, and Ponderosa. We played right before a massive storm came in, so we were lucky. The other bands didn’t let the rain stop them though, and a great time was had by all.

The last few shows this month were in Greensboro, NC, Charleston, SC, and Wilmington NC. We left Knoxville at 7 AM last Thursday because we had an in studio performance at WNCW in Spindale on our way to Greensboro. We did four songs and had a great time getting to know the awesome people at the station. If you don’t know WNCW, look them up. Afterwards, we took it to Greensboro for a show at The Blind Tiger. We finished up there around 1:30 AM, and had to be in Charleston at 8 AM for another radio performance. With Charleston being over 5 hours away, we had to drive through the night. Once again, Cozmo and I manned the front seats to get us through the night. We were pretty delirious, but the use of several late night driving staying awake tactics ( water in the face, head out the window, jumping jacks on the side of the interstate, terrible impersonations), we made it to Charleston alive and on time. The radio show was a success and we eventually made it to a hotel several hours later for a little nap. After waking up, we played at the Windjammer in Charleston for an amazing crowd. The next day in Wilmington featured another fun radio visit and performance at the Soapbox.

The last two things I will leave you with are very important. First of all, we have big plans for this coming weekend’s Independence Day celebration. We’ll be doing two free nights at Nashville’s Riverfront on July 3rd and 4th. You need to join us. It will be a big music weekend in Nashville, as U2 is playing on July 2nd. Between the two of us, we have won 22 Grammy’s, so you won’t want to miss either show.

The other tidbit is that we are going to be playing the historic Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville on September 2nd. We will be joined by our friend Scott Miller & The Commonwealth for this special evening, and we would love for you to come out as well. It’s Labor Day weekend, and our hometown does Labor Day weekend right. You can stick around for the Tennessee football opener and Boomsday if you are so inclined. I

Thank you for reading, and here’s hoping the next blog is from Coz.