Photo Credit: Bill Foster

This is the hardest announcement we’ve ever had to make. One we have struggled with and that has caused many sleepless nights over the past several months: It is with a wide range of emotions that we are announcing our farewell shows

To The Greatest Fans In The World:

For nearly a decade, we’ve had the privilege of traveling to your hometowns to play music for you. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many of you and hearing your stories. You have been the fuel that kept us going during long drives through the night and bus breakdowns in the rain. Each of you that bought a ticket to our shows, wore our shirts, or simply told a friend about us allowed us to have one of the greatest jobs on the planet. You have made this possible, and for that we will be forever grateful. You are the reason this is so hard.

Nine years ago, The Dirty Guv’nahs were born on a whim. None of us expected to play a second show, much less thought that one day this band would be our full-time jobs. We were just six music-loving guys having some fun, planning a one-time concert in our hometown of Knoxville.

That initial show went well enough for us to decide to keep playing together. Within a few years, we all took a leap of faith and quit our jobs in order to tour full-time. The shows grew from dive bars to sold-out theatre tours to slots at some of the biggest festivals in the world. We went from playing with our local friends to sharing the stage with some of our musical heroes. We did all of this independently, relying on our amazing, grassroots fan base. We were living a dream.

So why is this dream coming to an end? For many of us, a touring lifestyle is simply not what we desire at this time. Let’s go ahead and dispel any rumors that may be created in the aftermath of this announcement; there’s no band fighting or drama going on. We’re just not in the same life situations we were a decade ago. Some of us still want a career in music, while others wish to be home with their families and pursue other interests. Touring is incredible, but also makes relationships with your loved ones much harder. Many of us merely desire to be present at home as we start a new chapter of our lives. It’s an exceptionally difficult decision we’ve made, but it’s the right one.

We’ve taken great pride in being authentic over the years. We’ve always written our own music, played our own instruments, and fought those who tried to change us into something that we weren’t. We’ve believed in the power of live music bringing people together, and have built our careers by touring. To tour a new album, with our hearts at home rather than on the road, would not be authentic.

We know this is a shock to many of you, and for that we are sorry. Instead of this being a sad time, we’d love for you to join us in celebrating this magical decade at our final concerts. Our Farewell Tour will hit some of the cities that have supported us the most over the years. We’ll end things just the way we started, with one last hometown show. Tickets for these special shows will go on sale Friday.

July 18 – Loudon,TN – Castleton Farms – SOLD OUT
August 21 – Charlotte – Neighborhood Theatre – SOLD OUT
August 22 – Charleston – Music Farm – SOLD OUT
August 27 – Atlanta – Terminal West – SOLD OUT
August 28 – Birmingham – Iron City – SOLD OUT
August 29 – Athens – Georgia Theatre – SOLD OUT
September 11 – Clemson – Clemson University
September 19 – Knoxville – Bijou Theatre – SOLD OUT
September 25 – Knoxville – Tennessee Theatre – SOLD OUT

It’s been the ultimate honor of our lives to play music for you. We are forever grateful to all of you that let our songs into your hearts over the last nine years. We hope that our shows have given you a brief break from the struggles of daily life and that our music has touched some of you like you have touched us.

Thank you all for joining us in the greatest adventure of our lives. We love you all.

James, Justin, Aaron, Cozmo, Kevin, and Michael