Youth Is In Our Blood


Young love, won’t you come and sit real close to me?
For the first time, I’ve got you by my side
Darling, don’t you know that you’ve got the shaky knees?
Gotta roll the windows down inside your mind

Love was the shape we made
Love was the breath we drew
Youth was in our blood
and baby we were young

Nineteen and twenty-three, with just four years between
We fell in love on a tuesday in july
You’re daddy lives so far away, down in memphis, tennessee
One day, you’re be my bride
That’s right

Love was the name we gave
But love is a shaky thing
You’re not the one to blame
Cause baby we were young


I’m leaving today
Coming to find you
Not taking anything
Or wasting time
I’m dizzy
I’m dizzy and I’m spinning
You’re all I want to know
You’re all I want to know

Is happening
In front of our eyes
Standing right beside you
Right beside you

You know me
You know me well
And where I’ve been
You know me well
So be patient
Cause baby there’s still time
and I’m wide awake inside
I”m wide awake inside

I’m wide awake
and you’re beside
and everything
in front my eyes


Come inside and love me the man I am before I walk away
Take a chance, the world it’s so beautiful
All I need is space
But if you can’t see then stand in my doorway
And let me tell you everything
Lizzy baby I’m wearing it on my sleeve
And I’m a blank page

Walk with me
Show me your secret
Wake up please
Sing it out
The good and the bad
Well, they all get together
Got to open your eyes
And stay awhile

Yellow beam it hangs in her hair
But her eyes well they keep me awake
Sunshine is on the backseat
And we’re losing our way again
If I laid down
Would you let the engine die?
Do you love me or the car ride?
Lizzy baby, I know it ain’t easy see
But I ain’t lookin for a good time

Oh I think you know it,
Yeah I think you got a secret
Bout to make your big mistake
Honey please, believing isn’t everything
You got to walk the way
And if you can’t see
Then stand in my doorway
Oh I think you know the way you play
Lizzy baby, the timing is everything
You got to stay awake


Summer’s gone but it won’t take long to look back
My girl had a big sky to consume, yes she did
And I cried, like a brother had been raised up from the pain again
I found myself a way to fall for you

Put your hand in my pocket
I’ll be your favorite song
We’ll be the light and the diamond as well
Need my name in the springtime, yes you will

We’re learning to take our time with the ones we love
But time will tell if it makes a change
Arrived, but turning back to brave it all just for your hand
I’ll do my best, right to be where you want to be, you want to be


Come out to the place where it is quiet
And lay your body down beside my love
Surrender to my warm embrace and know that
You’re the one that I’ve been thinking of

Amy, I can’t keep you happy
And I can’t make you disappear
But I promise not to leave you anywhere alone
Let my love replace your fear

You doubt the truth I told you in the silence
Don’t you know that you’re the one I chose
And every night that we let pass behind us
Is wasted if we hide behind our clothes


All I was lookin for was a goodnight kiss
Instead I walked away with a bigger wish
You’re everything I want, so baby look at me
Use your imagination, I’ll give you anything

Come on, come on
You need
What I’m making
Down on my knees
I’ve been waiting around
Oh, No
Beggin you please
Be patient
What I’m Saying
Baby we’ll get better in time
Oh, No

Don’t know what you’re lookin for, so it will never come
And you’re standing there waiting like sand in the sun
Out there lookin’ for a melody with fortune telling eyes
I’ll be your fascination, baby be mine


You found me, by the marquee
I was foolin around
On a bar stool, well you told me
Promised me that we’d work out
You had your hands on my silver clasp locket
Young love, on parade
You know exactly when you flaunt it
Oh, yeah you’ll settle for anything

Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?
Using me so you can be amused?
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?
Oh, we just wanted love to make us happier

I’m feelin, hesitation
Seems like we’ve run out of road
It’s a long time til the state line
City limits were long ago
You had your hands on my silver clasp locket
A picture frame of love we’d made
We’re not the same as when we started
Oh, yeah we’ll settle for anything

It’s dangerous, the first time
You’ll fall for anybody, to say you’re in love


What you want is never enough
What you got will leave you in want
Where you stand, you’re waiting in a line
So put your hand in mine

Courage moves within me
Makes me shake
Looking for an ending
Without the way

A weary flash, a picture out of tune
Stand right next to me in the same room
You try to ignore, and try to just pretend
Take your hands and step away


Met her halfway to Birmingham
Leaving middle Tennessee
Made a speech to say inside my head
Swore that I’d say everything

“I’ve been giving you my life, and I’m always on time
Four years are enough to decide, whether I’m you’re kind.”

“And I’ve been thinkin’ bout the country
Thinking bout you and me.
I’ve been thinking where I do belong
And why, you belong with me.”

In frustration she had bowed her head
And I could hardly breathe
Reminisced on the times we had
But said that she would have to leave

“It’s hard, hard to walk away from you
But we don’t live at the same speed.
You’re gonna make somebody happy.
But that someone, ain’t me.”

“Cause when you’re thinking bout the country
You’re just trying to be with me
Seasons change the way that we are
and spring changed me.”

Met her halfway to Birmingham
Leaving middle Tennessee
Made a speech to say inside my head
Swore that I’d say anything, to keep you here.


Down at the Blue Rose Stroll, well they like to shake a thing
Looks like a bunch of monkeys on a tight rope string
And you know, that Madeline will do you right
From Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Theta, Tennessee
Oh, the juke is always jumpin when the people start the dee
So grab your neighbor and get on in line

Tell your mama, and tell your daddy
that you’re never coming home
You’re gonna lay the licks and get your fix down on the floor
If you got a dollar lay it down
And tell your baby, “Spin me around!”
You gotta move your feet if you wanna make it out alive

You know the rich folks, they can’t dance like us
They holler so much, but they can’t ride the bus
And you know, my baby’s riding for free
Well they keep on keepin’ but don’t know what’s going on
Down here in the holler, where the whiskey people roam
That’s where I wanna be


Cast your fears
and your tired eyes
All aside and let’s work awhile
They’ll be no handouts or conspiracies
This is the world that we wanna see
Times they’re not changing
They never do
Good and bad, well it goes around
Tell me baby, you want the truth?
We want the truth and we want it loud

Ain’t it strange?
Ain’t it crazy?
We’re all looking for the same thing
Ain’t it strange?
Ain’t it crazy?
Everybody sing

Can’t ignore
Next door neighbors
And pray for rain on the rest of us
I was born beside a trailer
Noah lives down at the funeral
So raise up your hands
And your tired eyes
Times aren’t changing
They never do
Good and bad, well it goes around
The rest is up to you


Got your news today
It’s been awhile since you’ve gone
This old place never changed
Only us, moved on
Yes, I want to believe
We’re not seeds on the rise
We’re not thrown to the wind
and we don’t go where it flies

So burn down my answers
And forgive my crimes
And sing me a song from the past
Cause I’ve got no reasons
And you’ve got no time
Waiting for something to last

And I think that it’s strange
People look to the sky
Cause it ain’t where you’ve been
And it ain’t where you smiled
And we’re only here for a time

Now there’s hope for a plain man
Now there’s hope for a thief
Living life in a strange land
Feelin lonely, and brief

(A. Hoskins)

Lately I’m not who I’m supposed to be
Thoughts and words are acting differently
Where do you even begin when you’re too lost to see
the beginning or end?

I don’t want a cure to leave behind this part of me
I hide on a stage
Inside a dream

You don’t always do what you’re supposed to
But it’s what you do next that will define you
I just want to be free
Let it die, this old part of me
Bring your fury inside
Red turns to white, and leave all the lies behind

Alone we aren’t much
Just lost in a crowd
Alone we aren’t much
But together we’re loud