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New Album "Roots" Coming May 12th!


Our new album “Roots” is releasing Fri, May 12! If you've been in a band before, then you know that it's really, really hard to keep a band alive. Like growing roses in a desert without any rain. But then, every once in a while you feel a sprinkle or see a rainbow, and you smile once again, knowing that money can't heal your soul, that miracles, God, and pure love still exists in corner pockets of this world. So you pick up your guitar, strum a chord, fumble with another broken melody, and take that tiny leap of faith, ignoring the cracks, embracing the light... we keep on, keepin on. We sincerely thought The Guvs were over and done with after the Farewell Tour in 2015. Your response to the comeback tour in 2018, the release of “Revival” in 2021, and selling out shows every year since 2018 has been completely surreal. So here we are in 2023, releasing another album, planning another big festival in our hometown of Knoxville (@southernskiesfest on May 20 - 21 with @stpaulandthebrokenbones @graciepotter @jackievenson @thestews @blackjoelewis @cruzcontrerasmusic and more), and planning more dates out on the road. We keep going. You should too. You only pass this way but once, so let's make it count. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING US CONTINUE TO ROCK. THANK YOU FOR MAKING US YOUR BAND And lastly... THANK YOU TO THE VILLAGE OF PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT COLLABORATED WITH US TO MAKE THIS ALBUM HAPPEN @iammaggierose for the vocals on a couple songs, @superbuck for the engineering / mixing / wizardry, @voyagermastering ,@wes_bailey of @moon_taxi , @yeahyourob of @therevivalists , @nate_dugger @richiebrins @neal_carpenter @imscottmurphy (videos) and @ross.bustin (photos) just to name a few. So much love for you all. Get ready to spin the tunes on Spotify, Apple, everywhere on Fri, May 12 Also- we will come and see you all soon…